Aether Revolt is the newest main Magic: The Gathering set in circulation and is a part of the Kaladesh block. While I have not played Magic in some time now (nor collected), I still wanted to participate in the original theme I planned for this year on Meta MTG — opening booster packs. I LOVE opening booster packs!

So when I'm able to pick up packs or sealed product that won't cost an arm and a leg, I'm hoping to feature some videos opening said product! As such, below we have my first ever booster opening video, featuring three booster packs of Aether Revolt:

Well, I definitely can't complain! I don't think I could have asked for a better introductory video highlighting the opening of sealed Magic product. We will see how the rest unfold during this challenge!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of Aether Revolt? If so, what's your favorite card from the set? Have you come across any Inventions in the set? If so, which? Did you enjoy the booster pack opening video? Any tips or thoughts on how to improve them?