The A to Z Challenge has come to Meta MTG once again! Last year I focused on my own personal stash of cards — The Cryton Collection. I showed off what prized possessions I had, amid a multitude of random cards that held strong nostalgic value, and even some just thrown in because they met the letter requirement for that day's post. The only rule was that any featured card had to be among my expansive sea of cardboard.

This time around I really wanted to open up a booster pack each day from a set correlating with whatever letter that day dictated. It sounded like a great idea — and so much fun — but obviously that would be a very costly endeavor (even if A and B weren't Alpha and Beta respectively!) and I'm perpetually broke, so it wasn't very feasible. I did, however, like the idea of each day focusing on a different Magic: The Gathering set or product produced by Wizards of the Coast.

Beyond that criteria, things get a bit random. Hence announcing Meta MTG's A to Z 2017 Theme:

Magic Mixer

Come on, cut me some friggin' slack! I couldn't think of a more fitting title, because many of the posts will likely be so different from one another. Essentially, I will pick a set or product coinciding with the letter of the day and make an entry revolving around it. This may include pack openings, explaining a particular set's storyline within the world of Magic: The Gathering, to simply talking about some of my favorite cards and/or mechanics that were introduced in said set/product.

I hope you'll explore this mixed bag of Magic with me!

Magic: The Gathering not your cup of tea? It's definitely not in everyone's wheelhouse and that's just fine. Lucky for you I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge on all of my blogs here at The Cryton Chronicles! Take a look and see if something else provided is more up your alley:

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Are you participating in the 2017 A to Z Challenge? If so, are you following a specific theme? Do you play Magic: The Gathering? If so, do you have a large collection? Do you have any favorite Magic cards? What's your favorite set and/or mechanic from the game and why? Worst? Any idea how much it would have cost to open a booster pack a day from different sets, even if buying the cheapest available? A fortune! That's how much!