Conspiracy is a supplemental product from Wizards of the Coast, which like most of their sets outside the main storyline run, focuses on drafting. Conspiracy introduced very specific drafting cards and mechanics/abilities as well. As interested as I was in the set (I really liked some of the new cards and even reprints of older cards, allowing them to finally be more easily obtained in foil versions!), I was never able to play it when released. They've already produced a second in the series, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, which I believe added to those unique aspects of the original.

Booster packs for both iterations are still relatively cheap, but Conspiracy: Take the Crown was more readily available locally and so I optioned for those. Let's take a look at what I got:

Not too shabby!

In fact, I believe that one of those pulls demands a hefty chunk of change, so I'm not complaining! Honestly, I've been so happy with these last three days of opening boosters that I'm okay with anything I get hereafter. Who am I kidding, I was after the first day with Aether Revolt!

I'm still looking forward to more booster pack openings and also sharing details about older sets when getting the chance. I hope you are too!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of the Conspiracy series? If so, what's your favorite new card and/or ability/mechanic from the set(s)? Which of the two had a funner drafting experience? Did you enjoy the booster pack opening video? Any tips or thoughts on how to improve them?