Modern Masters is returning for a third time and even though many players are concerned about Wizards of the Coast potentially abandoning the format, I have a feeling that many aren't going to be too sore if this turns out to be their last hurrah, before letting Modern roam the way of Legacy. I keep hearing talk about a Frontier format? I'll have to look into that.

Either way, there was very little hype built up around Modern Masters 2017, leaving many in the dark as to what reprints would make a grand entrance, or reappearance. Take a look at the full spoiler below:





And there it is in all its glory! Not going to lie, I have a box put aside with cards I planned to sell months and months ago, assuming they may be targeted for reprints. A box containing many of the cards listed above, so that's a bummer. I'll probably make a quick post detailing some of the rough hits...

I'm surprised at the absence of some cards, though. Aether Vial, Ensnaring Bridge, Mox Opal (though, I suppose this set is very light on artifacts), and Scapeshift to name a few.

I haven't bothered with Modern Masters since the original release, but maybe I will try to get in a draft of the 2017 Edition. But honestly, I'm more curious to see how the secondary market reacts over the next few months.

Modern Masters 2017 releases on March 17, 2017 with a March 23, 2017 date for Magic Online!

Are you excited for Modern Masters 2017? Are you planning to draft the set? Which reprinted card(s) are you wanting to get your hands on the most? Are there any cards you were hoping would be included in the set that didn't make the cut? How do you think the set will affect the secondary market?