A to Z 2017: LORWYN

Given there were no "L" named sets I could score any booster packs for, I thought I would focus on a set (and block) that was pretty significant to the world of Magic: The GatheringLorwyn. I recall the Lorwyn block being unique onto itself, instead of a standard three-set block, it came out as a link four-set block, consisting of two halves. Lorwyn and Morningtide, followed by Shadowmoor and Eventide. While the set beckoned for me to return to playing the game in the flesh, I never fully came around, except online. I was knee deep in Lorwyn block on Magic Online.

Lorwyn itself specifically introduced a new card type that would go on to change how the game was played completely — Planeswalkers (before they were Mythic even)!

There was no shortage of people clamoring that the sky was falling and that this would be the end of Magic: The Gathering forever, and those people may still exist, having quit after the new card type's announcement. I don't believe I was a fan myself, at first. To be fair, though, I quit before Mirrodin because it was artifact heavy and introduced "Indestructible", so yeah...

But sure enough the game not only survived, but thrived! The fantasy and tribal themed set (block) was very popular among the community and I felt it brought about a resurgence in the playerbase. As I said, it was very tempting for me to jump back into the game at this time, largely because of its rich theme. Them Planeswalkers, though... Speaking of which, these first five introduced in Lorwyn are still involved within the Magic storyline a decade later!

As for mechanics, "Hideaway" (allowing a card to be placed under another, casting it for free later once certain conditions were met), "Evoke" (a secondary casting cost of a card with an ability — like an "enter the battlefield" ability — which allowed players to play said cards for said ability, but resulting in the card being discarded thereafter), "Champion" (a card of one creature type requiring its caster to remove another of the same creature type from the battlefield, that is returned once the card Championing it is removed), and "Clash" (a player and opponent reveal the top cards of their libraries and the one with the highest casting cost wins. The cards are placed on either the top of bottom of their decks. Winning generally granted a benefit) were all introduced in Lorwyn.

Wow that was a mouthful!

"Changeling" was also introduced. Creatures with this ability/mechanic are "every creature type at all times", which fit in great with the tribal theme of the Lorwyn block!

I'm trying to remember some of my favorite cards from the set to share below:

Tomorrow we get back to a booster pack opening video and it's a big one (for me), so I'm hoping I pick some decent packs!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of Lorwyn? If so, what's your favorite new card and/or ability/mechanic from the set? Did you think the introductions of Planeswalkers would ruin the game? Did you like the Fantasy and/or Tribal theme of the Lorwyn set and block?