Modern Masters is a supplemental product from Wizards of the Coast that focuses on reprinting cards that are legal in the Modern format (Eighth Edition and later) and designed (as a set) to be played in limited drafting formats. Modern Masters 2017 is currently the third edition of the series to be released.

This was the booster pack opening video I was most excited for. Even though I feel I burnt through most of my luck on the first three videos, I knew I'd enjoy these because there is a foil in every pack. I don't care what rarity they are, but naturally hoping for the chase cards!

Was it worth 3x the cost of the previous booster pack sets?

Well, I definitely didn't make up the cost of the boosters in pulls (maybe barely half), but I did get some cards I liked, especially the chase rare! So, I'll call this one a success. Next time, though, it would be great to get a foil rare or mythc!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of the Modern Masters series? If so, what's your favorite reprinted card from the sets? What about specifically from the 2017 Edition? Have you gotten lucky with foil pulls? What about chase cards? Did you enjoy the booster pack opening video? Any tips or thoughts on how to improve them?