The 25th TToT is fast approaching. Sure it’s a month out. Sure it lands during NaNoWriMo in November. Sure I will be bogged down by that, holidays, and family engagements, but I am curious what the host (and co-hosts) have brewing for that milestone and if they haven’t thought it over, they better start now!


This weekend should be a slow one, so I’m hoping to be able to actually participate in the hop. Not that past “lazy” weekends have been busy, but I’ve been preoccupied. And honestly, it’s been a struggle to just write a post. This means November will either be really encouraging and prove rejuvenating for my writing, or it will be incredibly disheartening and frustrating. I can’t wait to find out…

Sarcasm aside — as best I can — let’s start being more Thankful for the past week, shall we? It’s 6am and I’m still awake, so if I don’t write this up now I may not wake up before the entire weekend blog hop ends.

And that would be Bad News Bears.

  1. Kate found an organization hosting free training/classes associated with the arts (or that seems to be the main focus). They are available at a local county library, two days a week, and we attended our first last Saturday. That session was focused on copywriting, patents, and contracts. Can’t say I fully understand the copywriting bit, but I know a lot more than I had. My concerns were focused on using pictures, creating Memes, fiction, etc and featuring them on the blog.
  2. I’m glad we remembered to get signed up for tomorrow’s (today’s) class about financing, but unfortunately I believe we are canceling. I don’t think I’d wake up in time this morning, and she has a wedding to attend.
  3. I’m Thankful that work hasn’t been as stressful this week. I’d imagine through late Fall and Winter there will be the usual lull in move-ins/move-outs. .
  4. Whew, almost passed out there… I’m glad I’ll be getting this post in earlier than I have in months! If I can stay awake, that is…
  5. I started playing a new digital card game (Solforge) on Steam last week. It’s simplistic and pretty fun. It’s currently in the Beta stage — where it will remain for some time — and free to play. It will always be F2P, but there are the standard-issue microtransactions available if wanting.
  6. My brother joining in and playing the Beta with me. He probably likes it more than I do and has already spent money on microtransactions. Considering you can get every card in the game for free via daily awards, I don’t see the appeal (though, I never do) of dumping real money into it.
  7. Well, fuck me. I made it to number seven before passing out. Granted, I was lured into bed finally at 8:30am. I am Thankful I actually woke up before the weekend ended to continue my list, and attempt to participate in the blog hop!
  8. My Magic: The Gathering collection. Every once in a while I break out my collection and sift through it. I go in phases of actually playing the game and right now it’s at a very low-level priority. That doesn’t stop me from constantly looking up new cards/sets, prices, and information on rule changes/card bannings. It’s a hobby and a passion. Someday I will get on that Magic blog I’ve had sitting there for ages...
  9. My mad organization OCD skills. I’ve been going through my collection and separating cards by set/color/alphabetical order and then placed in boxes according to timeframe (ei: newest sets in front of older sets). My hope is to finally go through and remove a large portion of bulk and sell it off. I’ve been planning to buy/sell magic for close to 10 years, but you know… it’s me. I apparently mastered the art of Slowplay before I even knew what it was! I love organizing my collection so much that my brother even played me a youtube video last night featuring a skit with a character (who also loved doing the same) he felt represented me. I think I will share a video of another skit, with a character portraying my Slowplay skills (3:05 mark). I wouldn’t mind drinking and playing/reviewing board/card/video games. Just don’t rely on these two to accurately teach you how the game is played:
  10. NaNoWriMo. I’m getting increasingly psyched, while simultaneously becoming increasingly scared shitless, about this November. Not having a car will make write-ins a bit more difficult, which sucks in terms of meeting new people. I made quite a few new friends last year and an encore of that would be great. However, I’m more afraid of being able to write 50k words. I’ve barely been able to squeeze out a blog and my Trailer Tuesday blurbs have become a struggle. My hope is that, in the end, NaNoWriMo will kick off a string of blog entries I’ve skipped and create a surge in my fiction writing (which I’ve not done since about March). Time will tell...

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!