I was dead set on getting in an even earlier post this weekend, but plans changed. I was still dead set on writing a post, knowing I could still hop/visit throughout the week, though it isn’t exactly the ideal time frame, but then plans changed again. I suddenly had a reversal as I sat down to begin writing 30 min ago. Now with 45 min to go until midnight strikes in my region, I’ve decided to try to crush something out — quick like — and get some visiting in during the first part of this week.

My list of Thankful. Short and Sweet. Famous last words...

  1. Finally getting to the card shop to buy a few more boxes to organize and house my Magic Collection.
  2. A friend for offering me his spare boxes. I just got some, as mentioned above, because the likelihood of me seeing him any time soon are pretty slim. In the meantime, my cards are taking over my entire living room and demand immediate attention! I can always use more boxes, though!
  3. Kate and I began watching Sons of Anarchy. I had already seen the first two seasons, but was more than willing to start over again. It had been so long, anyways, that I had forgotten a handful of what happened. It’s been nice catching up and she seems to enjoy it. At least she seems to enjoy Jax… which she has called me once. Thankfully, not in bed… yet…
  4. Thankful for all the help and how supportive my girlfriend has been over the last couple of weeks. It should make November go a bit more smoothly, because I’m likely to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
  5. The Grey. Kate and I just watched this movie. I’d already seen it, but really like it. As it was mentioned last Tuesday (XV | TRAILER TUESDAY | XV), I have a soft spot for Liam Neeson. Great actor. The movie stirs up a lot of emotion in me and was pivotal in realizing some things needing to be addressed in one of my fiction pieces. The Grey speaks to me on both personal and creative levels.
  6. This weekend I attended a surprise birthday party with Kate. It was for one of her best friend’s parents who she has known since a child. It was a lot of fun, and Kate’s roommate was the one who made the cake for the party! She is an awesome baker! The cake was three layers and very artistic, with some very sweet personal touches made to the decorating. I’m not sure if Kate will be posting the picture of it or not, but I plan to on Wednesday. It was a work of art and simply delicious! A small cheat for the next three (don’t judge!):
  7. Double chocolate cake (the first layer).
  8. White chocolate almond cake (the second layer).
  9. Salted caramel chocolate cake (the third layer).
  10. Today Kate and I watched a friend perform in a family orchestral concert. They played four songs from various famous classical composers. It was great! I loved all of the chosen songs (one being a long-time favorite), but the one performer who stole the show was an 11 year old solo pianist. This little girl was going Kung-Fu on the piano and nothing but pure beauty was resulting from the blur of her fingertips. She was amazing. Words don’t do her justice. She is someone to be heard.

    In an embarrassing moment during the concert, however, was someone’s cell phone alarm going off for almost an entire minute. It was only later did we find out it was the conductor's phone. We also learned earlier that day he had accidentally broke someone’s cello. Talk about having a bad day. Despite those mishaps, he seemed very nice and was definitely enthusiastic and passionate about the music and the orchestra's work.

I will be making my rounds during the first part of this week, so I hope to see you all soon!

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!