It’s much much later than I thought it was and I have thirty minutes to get this post in if I plan to catch up to the rest of the TToT group. I’ve been AWOL a few weeks as I concentrate on NaNoWriMo, but I have fallen very behind on my 50k word count. Almost 20k behind actually. Thankfully I was able to get in some writing early this morning after a ten day dry spell. Enough of a dry spell that I thought it would be best to just throw in the towel. It seems many from our original NaNo 2012 group are feeling the same. That this year just doesn’t have the same heart as the last.

I will attempt to slip in a few, quick blurbs of things I am thankful for. It may be hard to accurately recall when some things took place over the last 2 weeks, so this isn’t going to be in chronological order. Just random remembrances.

  1. I’m Thankful for the fact that I wasn’t driving, or in my car in general, when someone slammed into it two weeks ago.
  2. I’m equally Thankful that the culprit slammed into my parked car, and not into someone else driving early in the morning, or someone crossing the street for that matter.
  3. That the individual driving the car wasn’t injured or killed. It appears he had to be going at a good speed to inflict the damage that was witnessed. Even the positioning of my car, after the fact, was testament to just how hard the impact was. Then there was the witness stating how his car was actually stuck in my car.
  4. I’m Thankful for my neighbors, essentially the witnesses to the accident, for helping in their attempts to unfold the incident and getting whatever helpful info they could about the culprit and his car after he fled the scene.
  5. That I have an adventurous girlfriend who was on-board with my desire in attempting to track down said culprit, believing that the police may not exactly give much chase. Granted, I’m pretty ignorant to the actual procedures involved with tracking down individuals engaging in hit and run scenarios.
    The repositioning of my car the culprit of the the hit and run felt was needed...
  6. For the fun that was had during an almost high speed chase against a white Taxi (the neighbors told me they thought the car was white) who appeared to have had a malfunctioning horn, which I believed could have been caused by being in an accident.
  7. That my hopes were not completely deflated when finally tracking down said taxi only to find that it wasn’t the vehicle and/or individual we were seeking and were now a few miles from home and a good fifteen to twenty minutes wasted on the chase...
  8. I’m Thankful that my eight to ten year old moniker of “Eagle Eye” still applies. On the way home, after deciding it was likely we wouldn’t actually be able to find the vehicle, I spotted a car with substantial body damage out of the corner of my eye. Upon inspection we determined it was definitely the vehicle involved in the hit and run, regardless of it not being white.
  9. Officer Lynch. I’m Thankful he listened to us and investigated the car we found a few blocks away, even though he was extremely doubtful that it was the culprit’s due to it not being white (there appeared to be white paint transfer on my car). Within ten minutes he was back and said that sure enough it was the right vehicle.
  10. That Officer Lynch was finally able to get in touch with the driver of the car and confirmed he was insured, in turn sharing with me the needed info to file a claim for the accident. He was very helpful and sympathetic as he revealed to me just that week his own personal vehicle had been victim to two hit and runs and that at least one of the two culprit’s were uninsured. I’m sure we mentally high-fived one another over the phone.

Okay, so maybe that was all chronological after all… And all within the time span of about two hours. Not too shabby…

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!