A to Z 2014 : LA-LA LAND"/>

A to Z 2014 : LA-LA LAND

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

Today a friend of mine is flying out to L.A. — in fact, he just landed — for a series of interviews with a human resource company. I wish I was out there with him. He asked me a handful of times, but I’m never one to just randomly have spare money for such impromptu luxuries. Especially when joining him on his flight would cost around 1500$. Technically, I did find an alternate flight, just two hours later, for 500$, but that isn’t including expenditures for two days and two nights in Los Angeles.

That lucky bastard is getting his entire trip paid for by this company, so we are assuming they are highly interested in him working for them. They have a branch in our home state, but after footing this bill, it’s likely they are hoping he moves out there to their primary office.

This weekend I assisted my friend in picking out an ensemble for his interviews and evenings out on the town. He had already bought a new suit for the first interview, but needed a more casual outfit for another. I tell you what, with how much he is spending on his end for this trip, I hope they hire him. Having someone out in L.A. for me to visit is just a bonus…

Also, I explained to him there is the distinct possibility that they are flying him out to harvest his organs. So, you know, there is that to take precautions for. We laugh, though, because he isn’t in the best of health, so the joke will be on them! Suckas!

Just to be safe, though, he relayed to me key information, in case something happens to him.

So, if need be, I can go Liam Neeson on their asses.

Have you ever been to L.A.? If so, what were your thoughts? Have you ever had a friend or loved one more out of state to take a job? If so, how did it affect you and the relationship?