A to Z 2014 : QUALITY TIME"/>

A to Z 2014 : QUALITY TIME

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

Tonight the Ladyfolk and I just wrapped up Easter with my family. My mother is still having a traditional dinner tomorrow, as well, but this year was challenging for the entire family to make it. In fact, I believe only one of my siblings will be going tomorrow, while some of us others attended a more impromptu gathering today.

No ham was on the menu (that’s for tomorrow), only spaghetti. And mashed potatoes. Those were my idea! And an abundance of snacks and treats that could easily put a diabetic into a sugar-induced coma. Except for me, because I’m pretty awesome at eating all the sugary things and surviving somehow.

Before eating dinner, the Ladyfolk, my brother, and I played Boss Monster. Finally! This was the first time I had played it since buying it weeks ago. We technically didn’t even get to finish our game before dinner was ready, because we were playing extra slow, taking our time for the first play through.

This game is completely designed around 8-bit video games! I love it!
From what little we played, I thought it was fun, and it will go a lot faster now that we have an idea of how it works. Looking forward to trying it again.

After eating dinner, and before we tackled some sweets, we all decided to play another game I brought along called Dixit Journey. Except for my brother who was too tired and went to pass out on the couch. Loser.

I love the art of the cards in this game!
I had played Dixit Journey before, but this was the first time playing my copy, which I bought months ago. It was definitely a success! Everyone playing had a blast. So much so we even played two rounds, and honestly I could have played another.

Once we were done gorging on dessert, I announced I had one last family friendly game to play (Cards Against Humanity) if anyone was interested. They were, but as time passed and our food began to settle, we decided to pass for the evening. Next time…

It was a great day and evening with my family and some good ‘ol quality time I’m looking forward to repeating come the next big family/holiday event.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Ladyfolk’s side of the family for their Easter, and the bonus celebration of one of her nephew’s first birthday. It should be another great night!

When was the last time you had some good quality time with family and loved ones? This weekend is likely to be one for most. What Easter plans, if any, do you have planned? Have you ever played Boss Monster, Dixit, or Cards Against Humanity? If so, what are your thoughts/opinions? I may attempt to highlight the games individually at some point, to give a better idea of how they are played.

A random movie I decided to watch on a whim, thinking it looked funny. It was pretty funny... and vulgar!