So the A to Z Challenge has arrived once again. It remains one of the sole blogging events that keeps me coming back to the Blogosphere, no matter how many times I attempt to turn away. In a lapse of judgment, not only have I decided to participate in the challenge, but to do so on a completely new website hosted by Squarespace. So far, among all the raving reviews I've read about Squarespace and their site customization and ease, I'm not impressed.

Granted I've only worked on the site less than 8 hours, but I feel that the "ease" isn't  as readily accessible as others claim. How do I center my blog post title? Why isn't it simply an option from the get go when typing it in, like I have the option now with the blog text content? Why can't I center picture caption text? These are simple functions that should be readily available, and if they are, they remain hidden to me. I'm really hoping I figure these things out soon, otherwise this is gearing up to be one of my worst A to Z (and overall blogging) experiences to date...

Speaking of the A to Z, let's get back on track. To keep this relatively short and sweet, I'm going to reveal an actual theme for this years challenge! For the past two years I've just winged it. Having a theme may be a proverbial Godsend now that I'm working under a new format.

My A to Z 2015 Theme: Gaming

It's a shocker, I know! Being I play board games so much now it just made sense. I was originally going to do gaming reviews, but considering I didn't have time to work on any in advance I opted for simply highlighting different board games I enjoy, in hopes that maybe others out there may check them out as well.

These will be predominantly, if not all, modern board games. Each post should be short (compared to my standard fare), offering a brief synopsis and some details of the gameplay involved.

As an additional challenge to myself, I am holding myself accountable for writing actual reviews of each game I highlight. I'll be giving myself until the end of the year, but hope my motivation kicks in and I accomplish the goal by the end of Summer!

To anyone else stumbling upon this blog entering the challenge: Good luck! Hopefully I run into some of you along the way!

Have you participated in the A to Z Challenge before? If so, how did it do? What were your thoughts on the event overall? Are you changing it up this year? If so, how?