A to Z 2015 : QUESTILLO

This next entry is a game that the Ladyfolk had at her parent's house, hidden in the basement, just waiting to be discovered in time to rescue me from my lack of a "Q" game! Actually, she knew it was there, or at least hoped it was still there. It's a game I hadn't even heard of before then, which I thought was perfect.

In a cross between Trivia and Scrabble, we take a peek at...

Thankfully, Questillo is really easy to learn and set up! In a matter of moments we were able to get a game going.

All players get a pencil and crossword pad. The Category cards are shuffled. And you are ready to begin!

Once players are ready, a Category card is revealed. The card will show a clue and how many points are awarded for players successfully writing a word associated with that clue on their crossword pad. Once the clue is read out loud, players may write on their sheets.

Words can only be written vertically or horizontally, but never diagonally. They must be a single word, unless the answer allows for more — like a name or title of a song — and if so, no spaces are used in between the multiple words of a single answer.

Your first word must utilize the center "Q" space. Each following word must connect to another word you've written. Words cannot be used if they turn another written word into one that doesn't exist.

The first person to finish writing their word down flips over the timer and the remaining players have until the sand runs out to finish. Once time's up, players verify if answers are legal and proceed to scoring points.

Players that successfully write a legal answer are awarded the amount of point shown on the Category card. If their word is on any multiplier on their crossword pad, the points are doubled (circle spots) or tripled (star spots) accordingly! If a word created a new word of a preexisting answer, points are awarded for that word too (I believe based on that original answer's Category card). Then the first player to write their word and flip the timer gets an additional 1 point.


The game ends once a player scores 1oo points or more! If more than one accomplish this at the same time, the one with the highest score wins!

Full Review Forthcoming

Have you ever played (or even heard of...) Questillo? If so, did you like it? If not, does it look like a game you think you'd enjoy?