A to Z 2015 : WITNESS

This next entry focuses on a co-op deduction game that borrows from another game known as Telephone. It can potentially play in 15 Min or less, and there are very few rules whatsoever, so it definitely classifies as a Gateway/Filler game.

A strong caveat, however, is that you need exactly four players to play...

In Witness players try to work together to solve different crimes, or cases, detailed in a book. To do so, they each take on a role and are are given specific knowledge about the case. They then share that knowledge with others in whisper form, dictated by a Whisper Guide of sorts.

Each player picks a character and they sit around the play area in a very specific order laid out in a diagram. Once everyone is positioned, Clue books are handed out that match their characters. The players will all have their own separate clues for each case.

One of the two Whisper Guide tiles is placed in the center of the play area. They are double-sided, but it won't matter which side you use. The Yellow "M" marker is placed on the first square of the Whisper Guide tile to keep track of each Whisper round.

The Case Phase: A case is picked (generally, it's best to play in order) and a narrator reads a passage in the Case book, which gives an introduction into the scenario.

The Clues Phase: Each player may open their Clue book to the pages associated with their case. This is done secretly. No other players should have access to your personal clue(s). Players may refer to their own personal Clue books, and/or have the case introduction repeated at any time.

The Whisper Phase: This is the heart of the game. It consists of 4 rounds. Each round consists of one player whispering their clue (and clues they've heard) to another designated player (dictated by the Whisper Guide tile). Recipients of the whisper can only ask for the information to be repeated, but nothing else. Players must remember which information they have been told, so that they can pass on both their personal clue, and those they have learned throughout the progress of the 4 Whisper rounds!

Notes: Once the four rounds of whispering conclude, players may write down any and all notes they can remember about the information that they learned. This is the only time notes can be taken.

Questions: A player finds the case in the Questions book and reads out the three questions listed associated with that case. Each player secretly writes down their answers and aren't able to communicate with one another.

Once everyone has written down their answers to the best of their ability, the correct answers are announced from the Solution book. Each player receives a point per correct answer! The total score is tallied and depending on how well the team did, the level of praise offered varies. If you do too poorly it's suggested that you try to crack the case again!

Full Review Forthcoming

Have you ever played Witness? If so, did you enjoy it? Was there any tomfoolery in the information shared among the players? If you haven't played it, does it sound like a game you'd like to try?