A to Z 2015 : GET BIT!

Alright alright alright... The Foretold: Rise of a God entry took a bit out of me. Oddly it wasn't the length of the post, attempting to summarize a game with so many features, but the time it took getting my pictures to have some semblance of quality. It was incredibly frustrating!

Today, though, we leave that slightly more complex realm for the greener pastures of simplicity. Or bluer waters? Just be careful you don't...

There be sharks in them there waters! Get Bit! is a fun, fast paced bluffing game. I believe it's what many gamers would refer to as a Filler Game, a game played in between the more lengthy, meatier games available. They probably take roughly 15 minutes if no one is learning, depending on the number of players.

The rules for Get Bit! are light and setup is very simple. Each player picks a color. They then receive a character, or swimmer (that looks a lot like a mix between LEGOs and Playmobile), and the set of cards matching the chosen color. The swimmers are placed in a row — the order is not important — and the shark is placed at the back. Pretty much like shown on the back of the box:

Huh, I don't recall ever knowing the story. We are pirates, thrown overboard after a failed mutiny! Maybe this was explained to me before, now that I think about it... Anyhow...

There are 3 steps in a round.

First, everyone picks a card from their hand (hand size will vary depending on the amount of players). The cards are numbered 1-7. The chosen cards are placed down in front of them. Once everyone has picked a card, they are revealed simultaneously.

Second, players move their characters to the front of the line based on the number of their card — the lowest going to the front first. Players that tie do not shift in the line, they are stuck in whatever order they were originally in for that round.

Last but not least, the player in the back of the line gets bit and loses a limb!

NOTE: No players are bit in the first round as it is only used to arrange the starting lineup!

A bit player moves to the front of the line and collects all their played cards to their hand. The rest of the players leave their played cards on the table round by round, unless they have only two remaining — then they also collect their played cards into their hand.

Once a player is bit for the fourth time, they are eliminated! As soon as there are only 2 swimmers left, the player at the front of the line wins!

Get Bit! is a really fun game and as you can tell it's easy to teach. I've played it a good number of times and have always had a good time. The game only costs around 20$ so there isn't as much risk of losing out on too much if your playgroup doesn't like it. Chances are, though, they will!

Full Review Forthcoming

Have you ever played Get Bit!? If so, how did you like it? Have you ever played your cards completely randomly? I have.Every.Time. Does your playgroup have a favorite Filler Game?