A to Z 2016 : GEN CON

Gen Con, the biggest gaming event of the year. The self-proclaimed best four days in gaming. I've almost gone these past two years, but I always chickened out at the last minute (or wasn't on-board with the travel and housing arrangements/conditions). I'm fairly picky when it comes to those kinds of things, even if it means missing out on what would likely be one of my best convention experiences ever.

Being I haven't ever been, I have no pictures from previous years, but I did find a banner (cropped from their official page) which I'm hoping is fine to use/share:

This year's event spans from August 4-7, 2016 in Indianapolis. It seems tickets are only 90$ for pre-registration, until later June, but then cost upwards of 120$ (I believe this is all inflated from last year). I'm not sure if they ever sell out, but if so, I'd imagine prices could skyrocket even more. Part of my reasoning for skipping out on this event is just simply the cost. 90$ isn't bad for 4 days, mind you, but then there are hotel room costs, gas/plane ticket costs, food costs, and from my understanding you have to buy event tickets. Some event tickets are generic and can be used for anything accepting general admission, but others are very specific (mainly special/large events), so I'm sure those prices vary wildly.

But there are new game releases, gaming announcements, gaming, special guests, demos to play, tournaments, parties, gaming, special Gen Con specific promos, costume contests, and more gaming! I doubt I'd sleep much (but don't worry, I'd shower)! Also, in agreement with friends who have gone, there are some games you can play that you likely won't get to enjoy at the same capacity anywhere else. For example, Werewolf and/or Two Rooms and a Boom, which support upwards of 30+ people.

I'm definitely wanting to finally experience those types of gaming events!

So here's to hoping we're able to save up and attend Gen Con 2016. I think housing over the four days is the biggest concern. And who will drive, being I've got this weird infant syndrome thing when in a vehicle...

Have you ever been to Gen Con? If so, what were your experiences like? Any hints or tips for someone going for the first time? What was your favorite event?