Tonight I wanted to share some of the awesome work my girlfriend does with her thumbnail creations for some of my YouTube projects. They are used in lieu of random screen captures of my recordings. So far they are mostly done for my Unboxing and What's in the Box?! video series. To be honest, they are likely the best part of the videos! I'll get better, I swear!

She does a great job at matching fonts and coloring for each and she gets to continually deal with my constant nitpicking of sentence/word centering. I'm sure she loves it! So, while she makes it seem easy breezy, I do not own — nor would I even know how to utilize if I did — any art program and am extremely thankful for her help.

Here are a few of my favs...

For a recent The Division playthrough video:

For some Unboxing videos:

For some What's in the Box?! videos:

You can tell on some of the earlier thumbnails that the Cryton Chronicles banner was shifted around in attempts to preserve some of the information on the art/covers, but we eventually settled on a more transparent banner (when needed) centered on the bottom. I much prefer this as it will make for a more consistent, uniform appearance.

If interested, you can check out my Unboxing, What's in the Box?!, and/or The Division video playlists. Hell, Like and Subscribe if it strikes your fancy! I'm currently working on more video content and debating if making thumbnails for my vlogging style videos would be worthwhile.

Stay tuned!

Do you make YouTube content? If so, do you use custom thumbnails or one of the random default thumbnails provided? If using custom thumbnails, are they your own creations or do you have help? What else have you used custom thumbnails for?