Welcome to I, Jak's A to Z Challenge 2017 Theme Reveal:

I'd love for you to follow along throughout the month of April as I ramble about yet to be known topics!

If watching someone vlog isn't quite your thing, no sweat! I'm actually participating in this year's A to Z Challenge on all four of my blogs, so if you take a quick glance, it's very possible you'll find something a bit more to your liking:

Generation Jak Theme Reveal
Dreams in the Shade of Ink Theme Reveal
Meta MTG Theme Reveal

Are you participating in the 2017 A to Z Challenge? If so, are you following a specific theme? Is it your first year or are you a veteran? What topics would you be interested in hearing about? Have you ever vlogged? Are you a YouTube content creator? Are you good with editing software? I'm definitely not!