A to Z 2017: BOARD GAMES

I can't even recall what "take" this was, I restarted so many times, some after already five minutes in. In doing so, I forgot some games like Hero Quest, where I first began dabbling in miniature painting! Dungeons & Dragons came as an afterthought given I sometimes don't automatically place it as a board game (much like Magic: The Gathering), so maybe a revisit on T for Tabletop is in order? We'll see.

I forgot I planned to attempt splicing pictures of my collection into the video, so I guess as an added bonus for those of you happening by the actual blog post, you get a peek!

What board games do you remember playing as a child? Did you have a favorite? Have you ever played more Modern/Designer/Euro board games? Do you have a favorite? If not, would they be something you'd have an interest in trying? Do you have a game(s) you hate? Do you have any sort of collection obsession hobby? If so, what?