10 Things of Thankful 19


I’m not sure how I forgot to mention, but two weeks ago was hell of a work week. It kind of knocked me on my ass and helped facilitate my absence from the Blogosphere. The property had two walkthroughs. One from a potential owner — wanting to go into each unit — and another with one of the higher-ups of the company. This called for extra time being spent cleaning the buildings, property, and my own apartment.

My building is generally always good to go, but the other… well, the other has a section I call the “Dead Zone”. Just to myself. It kind of creeps me out, to be honest. Maybe I will explain why in a future post. It’s silly, and slightly embarrassing, but I have an overactive imagination. Anyhow, it just never seems to look cleaned and it bugs the hell out of me. Needless to say, the entire ordeal did a number on me — mainly the cleaning chemicals.

It lead into a great weekend, however, and a much less stressful week.

Round Two:

  1. This past Monday I thought I would ask my grandmother if she would like to play cards. She loves them, so naturally the answer was yes. After resting her eyes for a bit, of course. I imagine she was harnessing her card shark chi. We played 500 Rummy and I pulled out the win at the very end.
  2. When Kate arrived, later that evening, we all three played a game. That was even more fun, and challenging, but I was able to squeak out the win again.
  3. My mad card skills (skillz). Not really, but when playing 500 Rummy I use a tactic that frustrates my grandmother. All it involves is keeping pairs and runs in my hand, trying to arrange going out in one fluid swoop, but it really works her up. I did this during the last game of the night, before either her or Kate were able to lay down any cards for points, causing them to go negative. I may have sang a little diddy as I did it… you know… to make it more memorable…
  4. Continued lazy weekends. Sometimes after a rough week you just have to relax. This was last weekend, though. This weekend was a bit busy.
  5. Kate and I finally finished up Breaking Bad. It took about a month and a half to catch up to the recent series finale. When watching a show with someone — something I love to do — you can’t exactly crush and marathon them, unless they are wanting to. Not that Kate wouldn’t have, I didn’t exactly ask, but it’s something I don’t oppose. I like to do this with series that have already ended (though, avoiding spoilers can be a bitch), so you can plow right through them. Breaking Bad was a great show, and would highly recommend it! Please no spoilers below if you have seen it, just in case there are still those attempting to catch up and/or interested in the series.
  6. I am thankful my girlfriend is already onboard for picking another show or two to watch together!
  7. Tuesday Kate and I went to see a play called Tribes. It was essentially about language, feelings, and the ability to accurately understand/express them; specifically via sign language, given the central character is deaf. It was good, but I won’t pretend I will get around to doing a review. If you recall my failings at doing one for Urinetown months ago, and my now non-existent movie reviews
  8. This weekend Kate’s friend had a housewarming party. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to meet even more of my girlfriend’s friends. A handful seemed to take a liking to me, others not so much. I’m good with sticking with those who did…
  9. In regards to the work talk above, I’m thankful I have a little more information about the going-ons with my property. Even if having to go through back-channels to do so. As it is, no need for me to wear shades at the moment, because my future isn’t looking so bright. But there are always things to look forward to. Like:

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!