25th Anniversary


I swear they look just like my grandparents!
This is an image I found online while looking for various picture options for an anniversary card. The card I bought for my grandparent’s 25th Anniversary was pretty blank. Too blank. But I couldn’t focus enough to derive words befitting enough to dress the card up. When I came across this picture it was perfect, so I printed it out and added it. This project was all done last minute on a whim, but I think it added so much humor to the gift. I wasn’t around when they finally opened it, unfortunately, but was told they liked it alot.

Kudos to the good people of the world!
Two weeks ago my girlfriend noticed something on my car's windshield. She brought in this note that was left by some random stranger (or possibly a tenant I’m unfamiliar with, as there has been some turnover lately) after they had witnessed someone hitting my car. In case it’s hard to see, it reads as follows:
An SUV (lic. 660 ETA, I believe) backed into this car and took off. (Women drivers… amirite?)

It looks like it scratched your car on the driver-side, rear quarter panel.

Hit-and-runs (or is that hits-and-run?) are total bullshit. If you need a witness, my name is Casey and you can reach me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. After 7:00 pm is the best time to call.

Good luck. I hope you get that fucker.
That was badass and made our day and we laughed about it for some time after. I never did call them, because my car was already DOA at that point. I suppose I could call and thank them for being awesome, though!

I was playing this level yesterday and it seems I broke Candy Crush. The video displays what was happening for originally about an hour before I had company over. Later that evening, as said company was about to leave, I thought about playing some Candy Crush and recalled I still had the level up. Sure enough, 5+ hours later it was still stuck in its janky loop. I’ve warned people I break things…* I had to get a video of it to share, and I even thought about trying to send it in to the company. I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to work that way, and they may want to update the level to stop the chances of it occurring.

*Clark, you’ve been warned...

Do you have family or friends who have thrown 25th Anniversary parties? 50th? Ever been the victim of a hit-and-run?