Creative Block


(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

Earlier this evening I was visiting a blogger’s page I ran across during this A to Z Challenge. The name of the blog is A Bowl of Moonlight (awesome, right?!). Raquel has been writing, and drawing, all of her entries by hand. You should check her [blog] out! Now and again she references some prompts, and today’s mentioned one from The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron. There has also been mention of The Artist’s Way, which is technically the true credit for what opened me back up to writing after my block.

When she mentioned The Right to Write, I couldn’t help but feel like I had heard of it from somewhere before. It was so familiar and it kept bugging me. So, then I decided to check on something…

Some books, some anime, some movies, some randomness...

Yep! There it was, right in front, where it’s had to have been for over a year now! I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t even aware that it was the same author as The Artist’s Way (which you can see tucked behind it) until just today. I mean, I may have when I bought the book, in fact I’m betting I did, but had since forgotten.

I still need to read all of The Artist’s Way, but from what I read I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you find yourself dealing with creative blocks. Once I finish that up, I can start into The Right to Write. I’m appreciative that I found Raquel’s blog and had this reconnection with these books.

As a bonus the whole scenario offered up a topic for today’s post!*

*Which was almost puke, since in the middle of writing this I almost literally projectile vomited all over the place, completely out of the blue as I was talking. I haven’t thrown up in I don’t even know how long. Gross…

Have you ever read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way or The Right to Write? If so, did you ever participate in the workshops for The Artist’s Way? This was something I’ve yet to do. Do you have any alternate recommendations for books that have helped you through creative blocks? Have you ever suddenly felt like you were going to throw up ot of the blue? Gross!