X-Men: Days of Future Past


(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

I wonder how many people picked X-Men, X-Files, X-Ray, and/or X Marks The Spot. These were what came to me last year, as well as with the current challenge once “X” rolled around. Huh, I picked Xbox last year. Why the hell didn’t that even some to mind this time around? Anyhow, I thought, much akin to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, I would share the trailer for an upcoming movie. One I’m actually excited for, despite my shunning the franchise after the third installment and those that followed thereafter.

Except X-Men: First Class. I have yet to see it, but I’ve heard many good things, and I need to watch it before the next installment. And before that, I have to somehow get the Ladyfolk caught up on the first trilogy. My God, the thoughts of having to watch the third movie again — a movie that almost had me walking out of the theater — makes me a little sick to my stomach. I can take one for the team, though… I think…

Yes. For the return of director Bryan Singer (the original director of the first two X-Men movies), I can. I will stomach it, and who knows, maybe after a second viewing I will come to like it a tad bit better…

*Blank stare*

Yeah, no.

The fact that they are bringing back all the characters/actors from the original franchise and X-Men: First Class, makes this one hell of an ambitious project. I’m assuming, given the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the bigwigs realize they best step it up instead of pumping out shlock and given directing gigs to hacks. No offense to Brett Ratner (director of X-Men: The Last Stand), I really did enjoy the first Rush Hour. And maaaaaybe the first sequel a little bit. What can I say? I’m a Jackie Chan fan! But I seriously couldn’t stand that third film. I realize it likely wasn’t all his doing, there are many parts of the machine, but his name is what stands out.

I’d like to think Singer is back to put everything back on track, blending together what’s been vomited up, with the artistic hands of someone who is passionate about their work, and love of the material. Then again, I think I’ve heard his adaptations are pretty far off from the source material (from which there are many, given the reboots and revamps superheroes receive in the world of comic books), so fuck it. Whatever. Judge for yourself. I think this trailer look amazing, as I mentioned back in XVI | TRAILER TUESDAY | XVI.

Are you a fan of the X-Men? Did you/do you read the comics? What are your thoughts on the movie adaptations? What about the spin-offs, or whatever the hell they were (mainly focusing on Wolverine)? Are you excited to see X-Men: Days of Future Past?


Free Birds (11/1/2013):

Starting out with the first of three movies opening this week is Free Birds. Just in time for Thanksgiving is this animated feature about a turkey recruited to save the future of all turkey-kind! It looks pretty funny, especially those yellow suited men, which remind me of minions from Despicable Me. Maybe it’s the color? That laughing? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen this trailer much, though I only watch TV on Mondays, but it was released a few months ago. I had completely forgotten about it, and saw it was slotted to come out this week. Thought I best share. Hopefully a good handful of families will get out and see this for the upcoming holiday season. This makes me ponder if I missed some Halloween themed animated movies...

Last Vegas (11/1/2013):

This is a trailer I attempted to post up weeks ago. For some reason when it was released online, it was pulled? Youtube was even devoid of it with the exception of interviews and/or snippets. Since this is coming out Friday I wanted to get it up, as again, I forgot about the movie. I really like the ensemble of lead actors. The only one I’m not too familiar with is Kevin Kline. I’ve seen a small handful of his movies, but I guess I never came to be overly impressed with any of them? The others, however, have quite the list of movies I thoroughly enjoy and love. Morgan Freeman being the frontrunner. My hope is that this isn’t a Grown Ups movie where I had the feeling they just got together X amount of big-name (or were once upon a time) actors and threw them in a movie together. Then made a sequel… Even if it is, the one scene with a “drunk” Morgan Freeman would make it worthwhile I’d imagine. At least for a one-time viewing. On RB/Netflix.

Mr. Nobody (11/1/2013):

Lastly, for this week’s releases is Mr. Nobody. Can’t say I heard of this one before today. I am a fan of Leto’s band 30 Seconds To Mars, and some of the movies he’s previously had roles in, but this was definitely under the radar. Looks to be a foreign release, and more independent, so I’m not sure how wide a release it will have. Looks to be centered around the possibility of alternate timelines based on choices made (or rather not made?). It looks interesting, but I will definitely be waiting for it to hit Redbox and/or Netflix. Side note: doesn't that doctor look like a character from Ender's Game?

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (12/20/2013):

So it continues… the Legend of Ron Burgundy. I swear I avoided the first movie like the plague for months, if not years. I can’t even recall when I broke down and actually watched it. I was strongly opposed to Will Ferrell and watching any of his movies, because they looked so stupid. Then I eventually watched it, and loved it. It was stupid, but a good stupid. Kind of like Dumb and Dumber (not the sequel, which I haven’t seen, so maybe it’s unfair to say it’s not?), but with a Spanish-speaking dog… Anyhow, I was really hoping that would remain a standalone. Hopefully the sequel is as good as the first, for what it was, and just isn’t Hollywood filler. I really like many of the actors involved, and I literally almost stopped the trailer after about 10 seconds in, when Brick was mentioned. Glad I gave it a full watch. I may be open to seeing this in theaters, but it comes out during a busy time against some potential blockbusters.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (4/4/2014):

I wasn’t a fan of the original movie, despite what I believed would be the case. Thor won out between which of the two I’d enjoy the most, much to my surprise. My hope is that after the success of The Avengers that more stock will be placed into these individual storylines and not just be filler for the upcoming ensemble movie. 2015 is a long way out, and if not handled right, could potentially ruin a great franchise. I instantly had issue with the beginning of the trailer: jumping with no parachute. I never read many Captain America comics, and I know he is more superhuman/supersoldier, but yeah… maybe I am just way too unfamiliar. The issue was knocked to the sideline as I noticed Frank Grillo, who was a part of the cast of The Grey (and I was just asking myself if he has been in anything else), and Robert Redford were among the cast. Sweet! The trailer gets better as it goes along and I feel I will definitely enjoy this movie vastly more than the first. This is one I’m interested in seeing on the big screen.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (5/23/2014):

Oh snap, Bryan Singer is back! I’m a bit behind on all the newer movies associated with the X-Men franchise. I loved the first two movies, which Singer directed, but after that I felt it all kind of fell apart. The third installment almost had me walking out of the theater. While that is a bit more common, nowadays, at the time it was a rarity to have that feeling wash over me. I’ve heard X-Men: First Class was good, so I will definitely need to watch it before seeing this one. The movies based on Wolverine’s solo acts, however, I remain skeptical of. This looks like it actually brings together the cast of both the original movies and the newer, which is a grand undertaking. I feel comfortable with the knowledge that Singer is back at the helm, and that attempts will be made to rectify what has occurred over the last half-decade with the X-Men films. I won’t even hold it against him that he left the third X-Men movie to film Superman Returns, which I actually liked unlike most. He really wanted to do the third movie, but the movie industry waits for no one, especially when they cross franchise superhero movies! I’m really excited to see this movie and plan to see it once released!

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Were there any Halloween themed animated movies released this Fall? Are you a fan of any members in the leading cast (De Niro, Douglas, Freeman, Kline) of Last Vegas? Any thoughts on Anchorman 2? Excited for the sequel to Captain America and/or X-Men?