Dunkirk stays afloat this past weekend, retaining its number one slot, but only barely with just over 26.5M$. Despite really crappy reviews, The Emoji Movie came in second with 24.5M$, which I suppose isn't so much a shocker considering it's an animated feature. Adults may not get the same enjoyment as they do from more prolific studios like Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar, but children are a lot more forgiving! Girls Trip (19.6M$), Atomic Blonde (18.3M$), and Spider-Man: Homecoming (13.3M$) finish off the top five.

This is it... Time for The Dark Tower to prove itself this weekend! We will see how that goes. High expectations here.

Below we have a mix of movies and TV shows coming out this week, with the exception of Mindhunter, which releases this Fall.

NOTE: The trailer for Wind River will be replaced with a Reaction Video once it is rendered and uploaded!

The Sinner (8/2/2017):

Detroit - Final Trailer (8/4/2017):

Kidnap (8/4/2017):

Wind River (8/4/2017):

Mindhunter (10/13/2017):

Did any of the featured movie and/or TV show trailers interest you?