The Dark Tower may have shambled its way to the top of the box office this past weekend, but it did so barely, and with undoubtedly much disappointment. It brought in just over 19M$. To put that into a bit of perspective, Girls Trip (a movie I had never even heard of) brought in almost double that its release weekend and about the same in its second week (this week at fourth with 11.4M$). I'd imagine they were expecting Stephen King's Magnum Opus to bring in at least 50M$, though I'm sure the hope was for over 100M$! I mean, this is King's baby! A baby currently drowning in a sea of negative reviews...

Dunkirk (17M$) and The Emoji Movie (12M$) came in second and third, while Halle Berry's thriller, Kidnap, rounded out the top five with 10M$.

Tonight is filled with It (another King adaptation I'm extremely excited for) and other horror flicks releasing between now and this Fall!

Annabelle: Creation (8/11/2017):

Annabelle: Creation - Trailer 2 (8/11/2017):

It - Teaser Trailer (9/8/2017):

It - MTV Teaser Trailer (9/8/2017):

It (9/8/2017):

Jigsaw (10/27/2017):

Did any of the featured movie trailers interest you?