So the A to Z (2013) has ended and I got all my letters in on time (I am very proud of myself for that!), and I was looking forward to relaxing. Catch up on some blogs I came across during the challenge, write some fiction, and look into some podcasting equipment.

There is also that Fiction Contest I would love to write a piece for and submit. I’ve had an idea tumbling around in my head even before I learned of the contest, and am glad I hadn’t yet written and posted it on my fiction blog. I fleshed it out some, and while nothing spectacular, I think it will be a fun project.

Blog Every Day in May

Then as I was browsing through my feed today, I came across mention of another event called Blog Every Day in May. It was created by a fellow blogger Jenni at Story of My Life: The Blog. Basically it is as titled. You post a blog each day (Sundays included *groan*) of May using the daily prompts she has assigned for you. I would post them here, but felt it made more sense to direct traffic to her site as she is the host/creator of the challenge.

The prompts are pretty generic, and not overly complicated. The rules are lax, and it will be more laid back in nature (not that A to Z couldn’t be laid back... I just know it wasn’t always that way for me).

Sorry I hadn’t come across this earlier where I could have shared the info sooner, so that those interested would have a heads up. I’d imagine most will opt to steer clear after the A to Z, but you can still jump in anytime and go at your own pace. It is asked if you do participate that you place the badge on your sidebar (like mine) or the end of each post associated with the event. The code to do so is within that announcement post above!

I will mark each entry to the challenge with BEDiM followed by the specific day's number. I’d like to also post some standard issue blog posts throughout this challenge. I should be able to, as I plan to keep most of the BEDiM posts relatively shorter than most. They may not be as in-depth as some of my other entries, but I want to know if I can keep up with it (and to fuel consistent daily writing).

Sure, I may be sleep deprived and unaware of what I’m getting myself into, but to quote myself modifying a movie quote from an earlier post:
You know what ol’ Jak Cryton always says at a time like this?

Ol’ Jak always says, “Oh My Nuts!”
Have you heard of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge? If so, are you participating?