BEDiM 2013 : DAY 14"/>

BEDiM 2013 : DAY 14

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

This has not been a particularly happy day, but happiness is what this post is associated with.

Today’s prompt:

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

That isn’t so bad. I’m sure despite this week’s beginning tidings I can come up with a simple list of things I enjoy. Really happy, though? I’ve had difficulties with this question before.

Succulent Pseudoism

  1. Sex
  2. More sex
  3. Sex inside
  4. Sex outside
  5. Sex in public places
  6. Sex in private places
  7. Kinky sex
  8. Normal Sex
  9. Even more sex!
  10. ALL the sex!!!

Not a fan of sex in a car, but I will take one for the team if having to.

Seriously, though, for things that truly make me happy I will try to dig a little deeper.

A Little Deeper

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Art/Drawing
  4. Writing/Reading
  5. Music/Movies
  6. Laughter/Making people laugh
  7. Helping people
  8. Gaming (board/card/video)
  9. Hugs/Cuddles
  10. And you guessed it... Sex

This is just a small list of things that make me happy, and not sure how prominent sex would actually be on that list, but I had a motif to uphold! And I don’t know about you, but I generally feel damn good afterwards ;-)

What are some things that make you happy?