Every generation has it’s share of tragedies, it’s share of triumphs.

Every generation it’s tyrants, it’s heroes.

Every generation certain words and catchphrases grip the world, encompassing the very essence of life as we know it. Stripping away all we believe we know and hold dear, shaking us to the very core of our foundation.

From the same mind-bending stream of consciousness that gave birth to such words and phrases as:


“That’s tits”


Presented by the self-proclaimed genius who offers unparalleled randomly sporadic ramblings such as:

“Holy sweet Mother Mary Baby Jesus in a handbasket!”

“What the shit fuck was that?”

“Who the fuck invented the ‘No Jump’ button?!”

One of the most shocking, soul-riveting, Earth-shattering catchphrases to erupt forth from Generation Jak:
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* 'Nuff. Said.
** The. End.
*** True. Story.