Just making a quick post today—before replying to comments and blog hopping even—to highlight a contest I just came across on a friend’s blog.

The name of the contest is WRiTE CLUB 2013 and it revolves around people entering writing samples/excerpts of up to 500 words. 32 of those submissions are chosen to continue on to the next round. From there, two of the 32 entries are randomly selected to go head-to-head and are voted on to determine which will progress to the next round. Check out the link, as it offers a more in depth explanation and has rule/guideline listings.

It sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately today is the final day for submitting. I just came across it this morning before passing out and now that I am semi-coherent I wanted to make sure to post about it. That way if people happen across this, and they have a writing sample/excerpt, they can still submit.

Really wish I had learned about WRiTE CLUB earlier this month! Good luck if submitting!

Have you submitted to WRiTE CLUB?