I don’t necessarily have any home-brewed pictures available for today’s post*, but I thought I would include an addition to yesterday’s Trailer Tuesday. I think we can all handle that, can’t we? So today I offer you a viewing with a smidgen of a bonus afterwards.

I contemplated posting this trailer for some time, but seeing the movie was coming out today I decided against it. In the end, it works out a tad bit better this way. Still, what in the world could have possessed me to avoid highlighting it?

Doesn’t the world as a whole — especially during these trying times — need more Happiness? More Love? More Magic?

More... Blue?

The Smurfs 2 (7/31/2013):

I loved The Smurfs as a child, and would watch it as often as I could. I can’t say I had a favorite, nor did I ever question there only being one female smurf. After all this time, I can’t even recall if Gargamel wanted to capture them for their magic (though possessing his own), give them to his cat to play with, or simply destroy them. I suppose some of this may have been answered throughout the series (or the first movie, which I haven’t seen — despite loving Neil Patrick Harris). I don’t want to spend too much time researching via Google and Wikipedia. Maybe just a peek...

“His main goal in life is to destroy the Smurfs or to capture enough of them to create a potion to turn base matter into gold”

What a prick.

Either way, the movie (as well as the first) seems campy and fun. Geared towards children, for obvious reasons, but perhaps spliced with some adult themes that will go over the head of the youngins. I’d likely skip the theater viewing, unless having children, and stick to RBox/NFlix.

The Smurfs look like they still get into a bunch of mischief and can wreak havoc upon the sanity of one’s peaceful life. But don’t despair, there is always a solution to a Smurf infestation problem.

And if worse comes to worse...?

You can eat them.

But beware...

Once you've had one, you're gonna want to eat them all!

If only that poor bastard, Gargamel, knew that all he ever needed was an army of hungry babies. He would have won the “war” long long ago!

Okay, there was [mostly] nothing wordless about this ;-)

Thank you very much, Christine, for allowing me to use one of your pictures. After I saw it in your post, as I’ve said, I couldn’t help myself. It reminded me way too much of that Meme!

*so I enlisted the help of some friends

Did you ever watch The Smurfs cartoon series? Have you seen the first movie and/or planning to see the sequel? Would you eat a Smurf?