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Well, not quite turning 100 in terms of human years, but this is officially my 100th post! That is quite an achievement for me, considering I wasn’t writing for 12 years before this past November.

Somehow I feel like 100 should be a big deal, but I’ve noticed so many people continually write on a daily basis (subjectively making my life hell with how slow I am at reading! HA! Kidding... sort of) without so much as a challenge needing to prompt their fingers into furious action. 100 posts must be a drop in the bucket for those folks. I think I will continue to highlight my consecutive 100 marks and maybe try for something fancy on the 500th. That’s still a long way out, but perhaps if I begin those damned reviews it won’t be so far out afterall. Perhaps instead of talking about doing them all the time I should just get down to business and write ‘em.

This is supposed to be [mostly] wordless, but you know me. I wanted to make sure I highlighted this small milestone for The Cryton Chronicles! Now to share some simple randomness...

Little Treasures
Crooks guarding the prizes.
Catherine Stine's Ruby's Fire and Jeff Hirsch's The Eleventh Plague
These are the two book I won from two separate giveaways hosted by Catherine Stine. I just wanted to place up a picture of them — along with Crooks — to show how excited I am to have received them. I’ve mentioned Catherine a few times, and I plan on buying the eBook of the first of her series (and the second to keep the signed copy sent in pristine condition, because I’m anal like that) and attempt a review. I hope she isn't as nervous about me butchering my first book review as I am!

Friends in High Places

Monday night on the News, while visiting my grandma, the News anchors were talking about some shirts (I can’t recall for what now, except it involved some little kid acting as mayor and receiving the keys to the city? Maybe? It was cute whatever it was), and when they were done showcasing them Amelia folded her shirt real nice, while her co-anchor (and husband) just bunched his up and set it down. For some reason this had me laughing my ass off and randomly thought I would tweet Chris Shaffer (the station's meteorologist) to ask if he noticed.

I didn’t expect a reply back, but was ecstatic when I did! Then I went back on today and noticed the others had as well! I maybe went a little Twitter crazy and favored and retweeted their replies, but I wasn’t able to control myself. I always get giddy when I see celebs replying to fans, and Twitter seems the most commonplace. Maybe that is just because it’s so instant?

I joked to my friend saying how I was two days late noticing the other replies and would have to be more active if I want to be “hip” and all that jazz.

Okay, okay... so these individuals aren’t really friends over some shared tweets, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend!

dun Dun DUN!!

Whatever helps me sleep at night...

Lovelace (8/9/2013):

Yesterday for Trailer Tuesday I joked about the movie Rubber not being a porno, so when I saw this trailer (a friend said there has been some buzz around it; the movie, not the trailer) I found it completely fitting (and hilarious) to share it.

So here is a movie about the porno business, and it seems to have quite an interesting cast. I’m uncertain, but I wonder if this may have a limited release.

Either way, the content is bound to help me sleep worlds better than imaginary friends ;-)

And, as they say in the movie business: that’s a wrap! They may even say that in the porno industry. Though, their “wrap”s may be code for condoms, since they have to use those now.

Have you reached your 100th post yet? If so, did you make a special post for it and celebrate? Ever tweet a celeb and get a response (and/or a favorite/retweet) back?