This past weekend there was the wedding I spoke about in my last TToT and thought I would share some of the photos. The first two are courtesy of Dese’Rae L. Stage Photography. You can visit her site by clicking on the images. The rest are random pictures and some meme-style additions I had hoped to print out to doctor the back of their wedding card with, but ran out of time. 
I am also sharing the piece I did add to their wedding card. The one that took me hours to complete. This is likely because I am Slowplay and not the best at art programs. No, I didn't draw the piece. I just found the picture and doctored it up.
The lovely couple. The bride was beautiful. Okay, the groom was pretty handsome too. Loved his grey suit and purple tie!
As much as I like the first photo, I absolutely LOVE this one! I believe it's my favorite!
These were delicious! I only had two, but they were OM NOM NOM! I knew I should have chosen Batman for my addition to their wedding card, but I'm really happy with my choice.
Random Observer: "But he isn't even eating tacos..." Me: "Exactly!"
This and the above were two pieces I had wanted to add to the back of their wedding card. Woe is me...
The piece I added to their wedding card. It features Wolverine and Jean Grey of the X-Men and lines of the bride's favorite poem. There are multiple reasons why I felt this picture was fitting, from character themes to loose connection with the poetry lines chosen to their wedding/relationship, but I would go on and on and on and on and on...