A to Z 2015 : EVIL APPLES

"E" was another tough one for me. I, once again, had a few options — Elder Sign and Eldritch Horror — but one I've never played (though I own it...) and the other I only played the last half of one game for someone who had to leave. Eldritch Horror was fun, from what I played, but I don't feel I know enough about it. Even for a light overview.

This may be viewed as a "cheat" post, but it is what it is. When I wrote about Cards Against Humanity a few days ago, though, I mentioned it possibly having an app, which reminded me of a CAH knockoff app available for both iOS and Android platforms. Time to shift away from the family friendliness of Dixit and once again delve into the realm of sick, twisted depravity...

Evil Apples is an app inspired by Cards Against Humanity and plays in the same fashion. A group of up to five people are dealt seven Answer cards. One active player, dubbed the Judge, gets a Question/Statement card. The other players each pick an Answer card and the Judge chooses his favorite from among them. The winner receives a point, a new Judge is assigned, and play continues until a player hits seven point.

That's it!

The app has two in-game currencies. Cake and coins. Cake being the more sought after, of course. Who doesn't want cake?! There are a handful of expansions and power ups available for purchase. From what I saw, almost everything is attainable via the currencies, which you can accrue over time by simply playing the game. Having an Answer card picked awards coins, winning a game awards cake.

One aspect I like a lot in the app over the physical CAH game is the option to play a "Wildcard" any time you want, allowing you to create your own Answer cards. I was quite proud of winning with the wildcard shown in the screenshot above!

Like Cards Against Humanity, this game app is definitely adult orientated, so be prepared for that same level of skeeviness! If you love CAH you are bound to enjoy Evil Apples and there is that added benefit of being able to play it whenever the mood strikes you!

Full Review Forthcoming

Have you downloaded and played Evil Apples? If so, and you've played Cards Against Humanity, how do you feel they compare? If not, do you think you may check it out?