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A to Z 2017: EXTRA LIFE

A to Z 2017: EXTRA LIFE

This year for the A to Z Challenge 2017 I'm trying something completely different... vlogging! That's right, I'll be putting myself out there on YouTube, talking about who knows what for who knows how long! Come join in the conversation as I talk about a variety of topics throughout April.

Let the rambling begin!

A to Z 2016 : EXTRA LIFE

A to Z 2016 : EXTRA LIFE

Welcome to the 2016 A to Z Challenge on I, Jak! This year's theme is 2016 Highlights, where I will be blogging about things I have been looking forward to this year, whether people, places, or things. Some have already occurred, some are currently happening, and others are yet on the way.

Some topics may be a bit generic (occurring annually), while others will be specific to 2016, so come take a look!

A to Z 2015 : EVIL APPLES

A to Z 2015 : EVIL APPLES

"E" was another tough one for me. I, once again, had a few options — Elder Sign and Eldritch Horror — but one I've never played (though I own it...) and the other I only played the last half of one game for someone who had to leave. Eldritch Horror was fun, from what I played, but I don't feel I know enough about it. Even for a light overview.

This may be viewed as a "cheat" post, but it is what it is. When I wrote about Cards Against Humanity a few days ago, though, I mentioned it possibly having an app, which reminded me of a CAH knockoff app available for both iOS and Android platforms. Time to shift away from the family friendliness of Dixit and once again delve into the realm of sick, twisted depravity...

A to Z 2013 : END

(An A to Z 2013 Challenge Entry)

On top of Camp NaNoWriMo and the A to Z Challenge, it is also National Poetry Month. While I’m sure there are a handful of other events taking place, these three have been the most prominent for me. So far the A to Z Challenge is chugging along, but I’ve not yet dabbled in Camp NaNoWriMo; my meager 10k word goal.

As for poetry? Not my cup of tea. However, my blog meanderings have left me inspired to partake in some. While I know deep inside this is a terrible, terrible idea — on par with skydiving without a parachute — I just can’t seem to help myself.

While roaming the A to Z participant list, I came across a handful of blogs that I decided to follow. One of these was Rebeccah Writes (also one of my Liebster Award nominees). Her theme this month is Oulipo poetry. It is a form of poetry that, from my understanding, uses a variety of constraints in order to challenge creative boundaries.

The first example for “A” was Acronymic poetry. Now I couldn’t find a whole lot about this online, and what I did find seemed to be different. Perhaps I wasn’t searching correct terminology. I don’t know.  Either way, I’m going by the example she provided being it seemed like a lot of fun.

The constraint for this is: Each letter in the title furnishes the initials of the words in each line.

She offered the example of Fear. So each line would be 4 words long; the first beginning with the letter F, second E, third A, and the fourth word “R”

This is the constraint I decided to explore with. Mind you, I don’t write poetry — the last time being in kindergarten — while the words are specific, there is little rhyme (or reason... couldn’t resist), and tenses thrown to the wind. I’d like to think there is a story in there. Somewhere. Deep. That’s what I’ll tell myself to help me sleep at night.

Okay, okay... on with the show! I present to you:


Each new day
Engage numerous dimensions
Escape normality disenchantment
Everyday nothings discarded
Encapsulated nevermore, detainless
Endings never determined
Each new day
Eviscerate notions demanding
Enthralling neurotic derailments
Ego’s narcissistic delusion
Eventual negative deluge
Each new day
Ethereal nomadic divulging
Extraordinary news describing
Evils noticed decomposing
Each new day
Entrancing, nature’s domain
Eternal, never dying
Each new day
Endless navigational doorways
Each new day

And there it is. My first — and possibly last — poem in ages. I can dig it. Can you dig it?

I also wanted to link another blogger Average Poet, another of my nominees, who has chosen a poetry theme for this months challenge.

I’d highly recommending checking out both blogs! They have some great stuff up!

Do you write poetry? Do you have a favorite poet/poem? If so, who/which? Have you ever heard of Oulipo poetry?