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Could time travel be responsible for the Mandela Effect? Is it possible that people — agents of the government or clandestine organizations — are attempting to rewrite history and as a result inadvertently shifting timelines? For what purpose? To what end? And why would some people be consciously aware of that shift? And if time travel were possible, it seems it would be the easiest to prove among the other theories given thus far.

To be fair, there are some who are reportedly attempting to do just that...

Project Pegasus

Last week I mentioned a Seattle attorney, Andrew D. Basiago, who was featured in one of the videos posted in the entry. He is supposedly a whistleblower of the government's deep-seeded time travel and teleportation program dubbed Project Pegasus. He claims to have been enrolled as a child by none-other-than his father. Basiago has been touting all of this for over a decade now, so there has been some coverage throughout the years. Below is an episode (or segment of an episode) from Weird or What. I hadn't seen this video prior, and I can't lie, I was a bit giddy about the fact it is hosted by William Shatner and references a popular quote which is cited to be a Mandela Effect!

Maybe equally giddy that parallel universes and quantum mechanics are mentioned! This clip focuses solely on the teleportation aspect of Basiago's story, leaving out more of the unbelievable aspects. Such as, President Obama also being a participant in the program, headed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA — you may have heard mentioned a few times associated with conspiracy theories). But wait, there's more... Teleportation wasn't restricted to locations around the United States and other countries here on planet Earth, but regular missions to secret compounds built on Mars supposedly took place (still may be).


So, naturally this alone sounds too farfetched for almost anyone to believe. Andrew states that kids were used because they were able to handle the effects of teleportation and time travel, adapting better than adults. Because that makes sense. But is there possible evidence of these time traveling escapades by these aptly nicknamed chrononauts?

This photograph above is supposedly of Andrew D. Basiago (bottom center), the age of ten, at Gettysburg in 1863. Not only that, but as cited by this Huffington Post article, the child time traveler also visited Ford's Theater the night of Lincoln's assassination multiple times (but never witnessing it). He describes that each jump into the past was a little different than the last, as though shifting between different timelines/parallel universes.

I can't help but be a little intrigued and pulled into his claims, especially when mentioning that the technology is derived from the technical papers based on Nikola Tesla's work; confiscated from his New York City apartment after his passing. It may help that the photo above hasn't been debunked and proven a hoax (at least to my knowledge) and that others have come forward to back his story.

Basiago and his colleagues have done seminars on the subject matter, but most of them are really long, so I was hesitant to share them here. If curious, though, definitely check them out. I plan to! What they seem to be aiming for is the declassification of time travel and teleportation to the American people. That and the promotion of teleportation use in major cities for the transfer of goods and services, in a safe and easy manner.

I should note, however, there were some issues with the project and its effects on the participants. But, you know, they believe by now all of those kinks have been worked out!

Basiago for President

What lead me to Andrew's story was a video depicting a supposed photograph (from the future), featuring a 2016 rally for Basiago, discovered in 2012 (I believe — at least that's when the video was posted). Possibly as he was running for the presidency? The photograph was proven fake, but even Basiago agreed with that assessment, rather than attempting to embrace and herald the lie.

But really, with the current election madness taking place now, would a chrononaut have been all that bad of a consideration? I think not..

I wanted to highlight Project Pegasus because it's interesting that there are multiple people backing him (and possibly having photographic evidence), but also because if it's all an elaborate hoax, it makes for a great segue into one of our final theoretical culprits behind the Mandela Effect...

But first, it's time for our sixth Mandela Effect Quiz!

PART SIXTEEN: The Mandela Effect Quiz VI

Have you heard of Andrew D. Basiago or Project Pegasus? Do you believe his claims of time travel and teleportation are true? Do you believe time travel is possible? What about teleportation? Do you think Nikola Tesla was working on these technologies? Could these technologies be used for the greater good of Humankind, or do you think they would be abused for power and greed? What conspiracies have you heard DARPA being involved with?