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Time travel may or may not exist. Some, like Andrew D. Basiago, claim it does and that it has even been utilized by the U.S. government for decades, in programs like Project Pegasus. Even if it doesn't, there are plenty who are hopeful that the technology will eventually become a reality.

Speaking of reality, have you begun to questions yours yet? If not, don't worry, here's another quiz for you to take! Let's see how well your memory holds with our sixth Mandela Effect quiz!

There's No Business Like Show Business

Once again we have a handful of questions associated with various fields of entertainment. These are usually the topics that trigger the most for me, but this batch has a few oddballs that I'm not particularly familiar with. Remember to answer from memory and if watching a video, make sure to listen carefully, regardless of what the video title may say!

1. What's the rest of the iconic line from The Warriors, chanted by the character Luther, taunting The Warriors? "Warriors, ___________!"

2. What is the name of the actor who played Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Prue Halliwell in Charmed?

3. Fill in the Blanks of these first lines from the song Barbie Girl by Aqua. "I'm a Barbie Girl, __________ . __________, it's fantastic."

4. LaDonna Adrian Gaines, a five-time Grammy Award winner and the artist behind such hits as "The Wanderer", "She Works Hard for the Money", and "I Feel Love", was better known by what stage name?

5. How many members are there in the musical group Village People? Can you name the most commonly worn outfits by each in the band?

Now Close Your Eyes

For good measure, I thought I'd throw in a few more visualization questions. These tend to be a bit harder, but people seem to like the challenge. I guess that question above involving the Village People (especially the outfits) was visual too, but whatever, consider it a segue! Let's focus now...

1. Imagine the Human skull. Try to remember how it looks to the best of your ability. How close where you?
Answer | Answer

2. Have you ever seen Leonardo da Vinci's drawing titled "Vitruvian Man"? If so, try to imagine it in your mind from memory. Did you remember correctly?

3. Are you familiar with the children's character Curious George? Try to visualize him. How accurate were you?

A Blast from the Past

Considering our last segments were based on time travel I thought I'd posit a couple historical questions that have triggered the phenomenon in some.

1. What color were Adolf Hitler's eyes?

2. How many successful manned U.S. moon landings have there been?

This concludes the sixth Mandela Effect quiz presented here on The Cryton Chronicles and I believe the final one in this series. At least in terms of the entire entry focusing on questions. There are still a good handful more I have yet to ask, with more examples cropping up all the time, so I will try to find a way to include them down the line.

I mentioned there was an additional reason why I wanted to focus solely on one claimed instance of time travel last week. That was Project Pegasus. Besides being semi-relevant to the 2016 election, it also has some association with another purported theory behind The Mandela Effect. A darker, more sinister one, which we will look into next week...


How many questions did you get right in the entertainment section? Which did you get wrong? How were they different than you remember? How accurate were you able to visualize the subject matter in the second section? Were there any inaccuracies and/or changes noted from your memories? How well did you do on the history section? Did any of the questions trigger the phenomenon for you? If so, which?