Extra Life Game Day 2016 has finally arrived! An annual event encouraging people to put their game faces on and participate in a 24 hour fundraising marathon! Raising money how? Gaming, of course! Raising money to benefit whom? The children! More specifically, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. And even more specifically (for me), Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.

This will be my third year partaking in this, oft times, grueling challenge, and in doing so I've been lucky enough to reach modest goals and surviving the events (at least physically...) with the amazing encouragement and support of friends, family, and sometimes even mysterious donors! I love games (board/card/video/etc) and am honored to be... playing... a role (roll?) in raising money for a charity that goes to helping children in need.

If you are interested in donating on my behalf and/or are just curious to learn more about the event and/or my history with the organization, please take a moment to check out my Extra Life profile:

Extra Life Profile: Jak Cryton
Extra Life Game Day 2016: Nov 5th
Time: 12am Midnight (11/5) to 12am Midnight (11/6)
Donation Goal: $400
Playing In Support of: Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

Any donation amount, liking/sharing of this post, and/or encouragement is greatly appreciated and I want to thank you in advance!

While the Extra Life Game Day is one the biggest events the organization hosts, the fundraising takes place all year round. So if you're contemplating donating, but not able to do so while the event is taking place, that's okay! The door is always open!

Play Games. Heal Kids.