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It's Halloween, and while I don't have any themed content for today's entry, some may consider being trapped inside a simulated reality fairly scary. That has been the most recent discussion point in regards to The Mandela Effect. Are we trapped in a dream-like world and is the phenomenon a glitch in The Matrix; a subtle clue betraying the manufactured prison of our minds? If you missed it, check out the last two segments!

Whether we are existing within a computer generated Universe or not, how would we ever know? Lucky for you I've been providing quizzes consisting of questions that people have claimed trigger the effect for them. Have you discovered any glitches in The Matrix yet? Take a moment and participate in our fifth Mandela Effect quiz!

Movie Mayhem

Movie lines and quotes being altered or omitted seems a standard issue when it comes to The Mandela Effect. I have a few interesting examples below, the first of which I ironically just discovered after writing about The Simulation Hypothesis. It was very fitting, given the context.

Remember, only answer from memory! And when watching a video for the answer, make sure to actually watch and listen to the video and not just read the video title!

1. In The Matrix, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) attempts explaining to Neo (Keanu Reeves) that the world around him isn't quite as it seems. Can you recite the beginning of this quote "________ none of this is real..."?
Answer ... This is another one of those odd quotes/lines that is omitted. Can you find it?

2. In A Few Good Men, during an intense courtroom scene, when Tom Cruise demands "I want the truth!", what is Jack Nicholson's famous response?

3. In Casablanca, what is the iconic quote from Rick (Humphrey Bogart) requesting Sam (Dooley Wilson) to reprise a rendition of "As Time Goes By" for him?

4. Fill in the blanks of this famous Laurel & Hardy catchphrase: "Well, here's another _____ mess you've gotten _____ into."

5. Who won an Oscar for Best Actress, in 1985, for her performance in Places in the Heart? And how did she finish her memorable acceptance speech, which became a famous quote?

L'Eggo My Logo

Once again we have a handful of brand/product logos and names. Some will involve visualization, so if you happen to be familiar with the logos, see if they are as you remember them being!

1. What is the name of one of the most recognized American moving equipment and storage rental company (trailers/vans/trucks/etc), based in Phoenix, Arizona, that has been in operation since 1945? Try to visualize that company's logo. Is it how you recall?

2. Can you recall these motor company car logos — Kia and/or Saturn?
Answer | Answer

3. Visualize the Samsung logo. Notice anything different or odd?

4. What is the brand name of the popular "correction fluid", originally created for use with photocopies, manufactured by BIC Corporation?

5. What is the name of the commonly used mentholated topical cream/ointment, indicated for use on the chest, back and throat for cough suppression due to the common cold or on muscles and joints for minor aches and pains?

And this concludes the fifth Mandela Effect Quiz!

There are still a handful of theories behind the phenomenon we have yet to explore. Travel back in time with me as we discuss old-school, time-distorting concepts such as the Butterfly Effect!


Did any of the questions trigger The Mandela Effect for you? Were you familiar with any of the movie lines/quotes? Were any of them different than you recall? Can you find that The Matrix quote? Were you successful in accurately visualizing the different brands and logos? Did you notice any subtle changes? Any similarities between different products? Which, if any, tripped you up the most?