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So, we've reached the end of this Cryton Chronicles blog series about the Mandela Effect. Over the course of a few months, I've sporadically presented quizzes chock-full of questions that have triggered the phenomenon in people, as well as discussed and debated the various theories many believe are responsible for it. If for some reason you've missed out on any of the content, I encourage you to either start from the beginning or click on any of the topics above that spark your interest.

What conclusions have I come to after this journey? Well, nothing adamantly irrefutable, except for the fact that I believe something is actually happening. It long ago stopped being a matter of "if" and focus changed to other questions like "what?", "how?", and "why?". Unfortunately, given the nature of the Mandela Effect, even after picking apart a multitude of possible explanations, I feel there is no definitive answer to these questions at this time. I do, however, have some leanings towards specific theories that I believe hold more weight than others.

So which concepts are these?

The Concepts of Chaos

I think if I had come across this phenomenon a decade ago, I'd be latching on to time travel as the most likely culprit. I've always loved the thought of time travel. Over time, however, the belief that it was possible slowly began to slip away; especially as it has been depicted in most mainstream media and entertainment. It probably doesn't help that once the concept is inserted into many of the books, TV series, and/or movies I enjoy, everything goes to shit. Very few tackle the subject matter in a realistic manner. I know it's just entertainment, but my take away is that if time travel actually existed, the world would be much more chaotic than it is today (if you can believe that). But who knows, it could be real and the actuality of exactly how it works is just beyond our comprehension and/or purposely suppressed.

The same can be said about Quantum Mechanics. While this theoretical concept has been around for decades, scientists are continually at odds about its legitimacy. But that's nothing new. How many theories that we now accept as fact were once mocked and ridiculed by those within the science community? The more physicists unlock about the Universe and what makes it tick, the more it looks like String Theory, the Many Worlds Theory, and parallel universes are plausible. That maybe considering we are still discovering new species and ancient relics that defy logic in our own backyard, we don't have everything figured out just yet. That what we perceive as reality isn't quite as it seems.

And then there is CERN and their D-Wave computers. Knowledge about these machines has only recently been trickling out, but what is presented is astounding. And depending on how you absorb the information, you could say they've already come right out and admitted that the ability to pinpoint and manipulate these parallel universes (and our own) with these computers exists today. Whether we believe and accept it or not is of little to no consequence. It just simply is. Catch up at your own leisure.

And then there is CERN and their damn Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments — smashing particles and manipulating magnetic fields — doing and causing who knows what. They don't even know!

But then there's...

Glitches in The Matrix

CERN and parallel universes put up an extensive fight, and they may very well be behind the Mandela Effect, but the Simulated Reality theory is the one that strikes me as one of the most viable. As hard as it may be for many to swallow (as if any of the other options are less so). Not only do I feel it explains the minor erroneous attempts at self-correctiveness that seems rampant with the phenomenon, it is literally capable of encompassing any and all other concepts discussed in this series. And anything on the spectrum not touched upon.

The phenomenon would be triggered by "system updates" not fully wiping previous history, causing people to recall previous "realities", accounting for mass shared memory discrepancies. Or something along those lines. A malfunction in the system, if you will.


And if we have digital blankets of code draped over us, penetrating us, creating our reality?

Earlier in the series, I mentioned a theory that I found to be the most discerning, but I never really went into details. That would be the Simulation Hypothesis. The reason being, despite some of the potentially evil and vile manipulation of reality — whether the government abusing the populace with mind control techniques or satanic scientists attempting to open the gate to Hell (extremes I know!) — is that if people were to believe (or find out) that they were living in nothing more than an elaborate computer game, that all Hell would break loose. People would find absolutely no point to Life whatsoever. Fuck it. It would as depressing as it would be tumultuous.

I try to rationalize it all by acknowledging that Atheists don't flip out at the thought of God not existing, but instead embrace it. However, the scenario to take place would be more akin to devout believers discovering the ultimate truth that there is no God. One is the acceptance of an ideology that fits their beliefs, the other having their ideology completely abolished and their world turned upside down. Imagine the supposed hysteria that ensued during Orson Welles' radio broadcast of War of the Worlds (I should note, claimed to be over-exaggerated and myth) — riots, suicides, panicked calls to authorities — and multiply that by a thousandfold!

Well, maybe not completely accurate (I may be low-balling it...), but you get the picture! Combine that with the fact that there are a handful of scenarios that could be at play...

Did we design this system to jack ourselves into a digital recreation for learning purposes? Did a more advance civilization (clearly, but not us) create it for that purpose? To relive some part of forgotten history? To just fuck around in? When we jack out, will it be like we've only been playing a game for a few hours in the really real world? Are we being harvested by AI we created, and forced into digital slavery? Can we hack the system? Can we even get out? Are we even real or are we nothing more than Sims being controlled by hidden overlords?! GAH!

Trust No One

If you have researched the Mandela Effect — either before, during, or after reading this series (which I highly suggest doing) — I think it's important to note that you not only keep an open mind, but also ask questions. Lots of them. Verify for yourself reported changes or claims that one specific theory is the end-all-be-all culprit behind the phenomenon by exercising your own truth seeking and critical thinking. Even the material I've presented in this series. Again, given the nature of the topic, that is easier said than done. It's very possible that there are multiple concepts interwoven together, so try to determine which rings most true to you and dig in a little deeper.

Or run as far away as you can, because I realize many sound bat-shit crazy. You know, whichever strikes your fancy... We'll get into reactions and denial a bit below.

But I want to stress that not everyone will experience the phenomenon. And that's okay and is to be expected. For these people, it's likely they will agree that false memories are responsible for the discrepancies in memory. It's true, our minds are incredible creations and no one fully understands exactly how they work. When it comes to memories, if there are gaps missing, our brain will systematically pull from the best logical resources available to fill in those blanks, or so I believe science has proven. This factor really puts a damper on just how trustworthy our memories can be.

I still maintain, however, that I find it highly improbable that everyone experiencing the Mandela Effect, having mass shared misremembrances, can be so easily explained away by false memories/memory confabulation. Everyone remembering the same discrepancies of such a wide variety of examples, being triggered and filled in with the same exact false source seems like one of the shoddiest theories of all. But this is only my opinion. I also maintain that there are large swaths of people who have excellent memory and, really, if we couldn't largely rely on our memory, we wouldn't be able to function on a day to day basis.

Deny Everything

If you have experienced being triggered by the Mandela Effect, there's a good chance you've felt a wide range of emotions from bewilderment to denial to anger to excitement to fear. It's common to doubt and mistrust your memories, especially depending on your level of interest of the topic at hand. Sometimes you'll even find yourself conforming to what reality now shows as being true, those memory discrepancies fading away like a dream upon awaking. You may find yourself in denial, even if you are faced with multiple instances of the phenomenon. And that's okay. Some people embrace it and that's okay too. Again, it's not something everyone experiences (or even if they do, want to).

If you are someone who does believe that there is something more going on and that the Mandela Effect is real, remember that not everyone will feel the same. Some people won't share your memories, not even those who share in the phenomenon. There's been a lot of hostility between those who have been triggered by, and those who deny, the existence of the Mandela Effect. In the end, it's pointless to spread hate and fear.

If you experience the Mandela Effect, try not to be afraid of what's happening. Even if you believe in one of the not so cheery theories, because no one really knows what's going on. It's likely damn near impossible to prove regardless, hence it mostly being relegated to a conspiracy theory. And if someone is completely disinterested in the topic, try not to force it on them. What I've found is that each person that's ever been in denial has had one specific instance hook them. That hook is different for everyone. For some the hook never comes. Again, that's okay.

Hopefully you are someone who finds the subject matter as fascinating as I do and investigate the different claims of changes people notice and the theories thrown around attempting to explain it all!

Mandela Monday

While this specific series has come to an end, I plan on continuing the Mandela Effect topic in a new series after I take a brief break. The main focus will be on attempting to show what is generally referred to as residual evidence of these changes that have taken place. Most of the segments will feature the videos and work from YouTube content creators who have researched the topics and are way more savvy than I when it comes to making videos. Each have their own style and method of presentation, but I focus mostly on those who aren't so in-your-face aggressive.

I will be attempting to continue my Monday postings (like I've done here, minus these last few being skewed some from holidays and personal affairs), hence the title of the new series being Mandela Monday. Each entry will likely feature multiple examples, unless it's one of the bigger changes with an abundance of residual evidence and information. I'm excited to share many of these videos, which I refrained from doing during this series, because I wanted to keep focus on the topic itself.

I appreciate everyone who has follow along on this journey and I'm hoping that you will stick around to explore some of the evidence people cite as proof that the Mandela Effect exists!

Some Parting Trivia

It just didn't feel right leaving without a mini quiz featuring some new questions whose answers may boggle your mind! Or not...

1. What is the title of the famous Dr. Seuss children's book about a Grinch and Christmas?

2. A visualization question for good measure! Do you remember Tom Cruise's iconic dance to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in Risky Business? If so, imagine it to the best of your ability and watch the clip. Is there anything different than you remember?

Have you experienced the Mandela Effect yet? If so, which example(s) triggered the phenomenon for you? Which theory do you believe is the most plausible in regards to explaining the Mandela Effect? Do you have another theory that wasn't discussed throughout this series? Have you faced any difficulties talking about the Mandela Effect with others, especially those who aren't open-minded about the possibility of it being real? How well did you do on the mini quiz? Which examples featured throughout the series are you most excited to see residual evidence for?