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It's been a fairly long journey, but we just concluded our final two theories behind The Mandela Effect. Is the government tapping into some universal Human frequency and implanting false memories into a segment of the populace. And if so, which memories are the real ones, which fake? Or is is a natural phenomenon triggered by the Earth's spiritual ascension into a higher vibratory existence? I don't know, it remains a mystery.

What I do know, however, is that I've managed to squeeze in another Mandela Effect quiz! This is the final batch of questions for the series! It's possible I wanted seven the whole time...

The Last Batch

We'll start off with a famous movie quote/line, as we so often do, before shifting into more standard trivia. Some of these may be obscure and unfamiliar with many, but I think the "bookends" of the quiz will prove to be a trigger of the phenomenon for a lot of people. Especially since they both deal with classic material; one a movie, one a traditional Christmas carol.

Remember, answer only from memory and if any videos are provided, please watch and listen for the answer, ignoring whatever the video title may display as it may not be accurate!

1. In The Wizard of Oz, what is the famous line spoken by The Wicked Witch of the West as she besought her winged-monkey minions to capture Dorothy and Toto unharmed, and the ruby slippers most of all?

2. How many housemates were there in the UK based television series, The Young Ones?
Answer (About halfway down, under the "Character" listings)

3. What is the name of a famous footwear company founded in 1992, whose name begins and ends with the letter "S" (S_______s)?

4. What is the brand name for a popular Apple Cider Vinegar, whose name begins with the letter "B" (B_______ Apple Cider Vinegar)?

5. What is the name of the sugary, sweet and sour powdered candy — currently marketed under the Wonka Candy brand — which usually comes packaged in a long wrapper that resembled a drinking straw (normally eaten by pouring it into your mouth and not recommended to snort, as I have maybe possibly have most likely done...)?

6. What is the name of another sugary, sweet and sour candy — also distributed by Wonka Candy — which comes in the form of circular tabs, whose name begins and ends with the letter "S" (S______s)?

7. What's the name of the famous family arcade entertainment center/restaurant whose mascot is that of a giant mouse, who sometimes performs shows in an animatronic band?

8. What is the famous American furniture company founded in 1927, known originally for their luxurious reclining chairs (______ Boy Inc.)? Do you recall their logo?

9. In Monopoly, the yellow properties consist of Atlantic Avenue, Marvin Gardens and what third location (______ Ave)?

10. What is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States (the province of Ontario and New York)?

11. What is the name of the bi-yearly practice where clocks are advanced an hour in the Spring months and then set back an hour during the Autumn months?

 12. Fill in the blank. In the traditional Christmas carol 12 Days of Christmas, there is a repeated mantra throughout each segment of the song. "On the 'X' day of Christmas my True Love ______" What is the ending for that sentence in each segment?

And there you have it, the final Mandela Effect quiz for this Cryton Chronicles series! That last question is a perfect end to our upcoming holiday season!

Hopefully you've enjoyed the various trivia and visualization questions I've provided over the course of these entries. I know not everyone will be triggered by the phenomenon, but I've already heard from a handful who have, which is very exciting. Well, depending on how you look at the situation and which theory you lean towards being the most viable explanation.

Speaking of which, next week I will recap and further discuss my overall thoughts on The Mandela Effect.

PART TWENTY: Parting Thoughts

How many questions did you get right? How many wrong? Were there any among the batch that you could swear were wrong and that your memory was correct, hence triggering The Mandela Effect for you? If so, which question(s) triggered the phenomenon?