It's that time again! April is fast approaching and a handful of us in the Blogosphere are running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. Flailing about, desperately gasping at whatever thin notion of a "novel" idea happens upon us for our personal A to Z blogging challenge themes. Some brave the waters and just wing it. I was once. I appreciate randomness, believe you me, but I can attest that having a theme greatly reduces the stress that can come from participating in the annual blog hop. Having a little structure never hurts!

Last year, my third year involved, I finally stuck to a specific theme for the first time: Gaming. In hindsight, had I been more active with my other blogs, I would have shifted the event to Generation Jak, since it's predominantly meant to be a source of an entertainment-like nature. Especially gaming and movies. Either way, although I did fall behind (as I always seem to do), I found myself more focused when having a theme. Learning from that experience, I plan to do the same this year. So, without further ado...

I, Jak's A to Z 2016 Theme: 2016 Highlights

It took some time to figure out the right name/title for the theme, and while I'm still pretty "meh" about it, it makes the most sense. It's meant to be broad. The theme will encompass things I had/have been looking forward to in the year 2016. Some have already come and gone, many yet to come. The subjects will be varied, but most will hover in that realm of entertainment again. So why not do the challenge on Generation Jak, being I was just lamenting about it above? Because I have other things in store for that blog... and the others.

Wait, what whaaaaat?! What are you talking about, Jak? The others?!

Well, I'm glad you asked. This year I will be attempting to do the A to Z Challenge on all of my blogs! Even though last year I fell behind when just participating with one blog AND set a personal challenge to do full reviews of each game I highlighted throughout the A to Z challenge of which I have completed exactly one (and that was done before the A to Z even began, so, you know). So, clearly, this is Madness! With a capitol M! What else begins with a capitol M? Motivation, which I obviously fall short on when it comes to my highly ambitious creative endeavors!

I may fail horribly at this freak show project, but you can still follow along as I dive head first into the impossible! At least you have a decent variety of themes to choose from:

Generation Jak Theme Reveal
Dreams in the Shade of Ink Theme Reveal
Meta MTG Theme Reveal

Or just stick with me on I, Jak and discover some of my 2016 Highlights! See you soon!

Are you participating in the 2016 A to Z Challenge? If so, are you following a specific theme? Is it your first year or are you a veteran? How far into the challenge do you think I'll get before I meet my doom?!