If you've never seen Firefly, a TV show created by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Avengers) that many people (including myself, though I never watched it while it aired) say was canceled too soon, you won't likely care about this game. Likewise, if you haven't played or dislike the Legendary the board game, you may not care about it either (even if you've seen Firefly). Though, I would recommend checking both out!

Firefly is basically a space western focusing on a ragtag crew of smugglers who incessantly find themselves in trouble. Great characters played by awesome actors directed by a talented storyteller. Even though it was canceled, the outcries from the show's extensive fanbase resulted in the movie, Serenity, being made. I love that movie!

Legendary is a deck building game from Upper Deck, which focuses mainly on Marvel's superhero franchises. However, its Legendary Encounters series focuses on different franchises like Alien and Predator. Supposedly there's been a calling for a Firefly version and now fans are getting it!

Little is known yet about this game, but I'm incredibly excited for it! I'm hoping it will focus on attempting to fulfill smuggling jobs/contracts while avoiding the government and Reavers (space cannibals, to explain it briefly)!

Legendary Encounters: Firefly releases at Gen Con 2016!

Are you a fan of Firefly? If so, what's your favorite character? Are you a fan of the Legendary and/or Legendary Encounter deck building board game series? If so, what are your favorite franchises/expansions? Does Legendary Encounters: Firefly look like a game you'd be interested in?