A to Z 2016 : MARVEL

More Civil War

I had to figure out a way to fandangle multiple Marvel entries and this seemed like the best course of action! Yesterday I mentioned Legendary Encounters: Firefly and while it may not be Marvel specific, the standard base games and expansions are. One of the newest expansions being released for Legendary is the Civil War set. I'm excited because not only is Legendary one of my favorite games, but because I think the game will follow more closely to the comics/source materialcompared to Captain America: Civil War. Not that having it based on the movie would be bad, but the feature is definitely going to be a more condensed, revised version of the source material.

You can already see from the box that there will be more characters involved that aren't yet prominently featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), if at all. I'm sure there will be many more in the game too, given this is supposedly a larger expansion more akin to Dark City (which I regrettably still do not own). This is definitely on my wish list and should arrive this Summer!

Dr. Strange

Just moments after I posted my XXIX | TRAILER TUESDAY | XXIX entry last Tuesday, Marvel released the teaser trailer for Doctor Strange! I almost edited it into the post, but figured I could use it for next Tuesday. If you haven't seen it yet, however, you can check it out below:

Needless to say, I'm extremely excited for this movie. It will potentially mark the umpteenth time that Disney/Marvel has made me fall in love with characters I never followed in my comic collecting heydays! I may have a comic or two, but generally those were holographic and/or shiny ones that I thought would be valuable in the long run (they were not).

I thought the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness) was brilliant, but I may be pretty biased because I love most of his work. I'll talk more about it this coming Tuesday, but for now, enjoy the trailer above!

Are you a fan of Legendary? What about the Civil War expansion? Are you familiar with the Civil War comics/source material? If so, do you think the game will follow more closely to that? Do you know who Doctor Strange is? Are you excited about the movie? Are you a fan of Cumberbatch? If so, what's one of your favorite roles he's played?