A to Z 2016 : SOMNIO

Somnio is a Sci-Fi Thriller from writer/director Travis Milloy (Pandorum) about a man having to outsmart a computer in order to escape an automated prison. I learned of the film after its lead actor, Christopher Soren Kelly (Ink, The Frame, Monkeys), posted about the project's Kickstarter (KS) campaign on Facebook.

Given I've long been a fan of Christopher Soren Kelly, Ink being one of my favorite independent movies, I was all about checking it out. I was also familiar with Pandorum, mainly because I watch almost any and all trailers under the sun (and I really like Dennis Quaid, isn't he due for a comeback?!), but hadn't yet seen it. Still haven't... I'm terrible, I know...

I thought the trailer was really well done. The subtle hinting at the plot and world shown only in visual flashes — sans dialogue — and I especially like the chosen cover song used, which tied all the sequences together nicely. The story was intriguing and the I was so excited that I posted the video up a few times, linked the Kickstarter page, talked about it with friends and family, watched the trailer I dunno how many times.

Despite all of that, I hadn't actually pledged, and that really sucked! I wasn't too keen on the digital download of the film, but I wanted to help support it in some way. I'm assuming that [digital download] was done to save on costs. The film was intentionally low budget, limited settings, and a handful of actors. I never really thought about that until after the fact, but yeah. The worst, however, was that after time I just simply forgot. I'm pretty sure I had the 48 hour reminder locked in too, I almost always do. So I missed out.

I'm not exactly sure how Somnio will be distributed and when (I thought April 2016 was the scheduled arrival). If solely aiming for digital downloads or if there will also be hard copies available. I don't plan on missing out again! I'm still really excited about the project and would love to see the finished work. I should also probably watch Pandorum...

Does Somnio look like a movie you'd be interested in? Would you (or did you) back the Kickstarter campaign, if having the opportunity? If so, at which pledge level? Have you ever missed out on a Kickstarter Campaign you were really interested in? Have you seen Pandorum? If so, what did you think of it?