I've been hosting my new website on Squarespace for just over a year now. One of the benefits for me was finally being allowed to feature all of the blogs I wanted to write, originally over at Blogger, all under one roof. This also meant I could shift some content I had on my old blog onto the newer ones, where they fit better. For example, my reviews could be placed on Generation Jak, since it's meant to act as a hub for entertainment based content — games, movies, books, etc.

Trailer Tuesday was a blog series I ran for a few months on my old blog. I would feature various trailers and write little blurbs about each. I loved it. I love trailers. When I came back to blogging, however, it was a series I never picked back up again. No specific reason, just had other objectives on the mind I guess.

I just recently started the blog series back up on Generation Jak, where I felt it made the most sense, and am incredibly excited about it. The girlfriend helped me put together the above banner and picture (which I can use for reviews) to use as well. They're awesome!

So, Trailer Tuesday, a 2016 Highlight. Again, I always loved it. And I love trailers! Though, admittedly, I prefer when they are well structured and not spoiler heavy.

If you like preview trailers, check out the series sometime!

Do you enjoy preview trailers or do you prefer to avoid them? What's the last trailer you saw? Have you ever checked out my Trailer Tuesday series? If so, what do you think? Anything you think I could change/add to make the blog series even better?