A to Z 2016 : UNBOXINGS

This is the first of three connected A to Z entries for my 2016 Highlights theme. It turns out I didn't have as many very specific events and subjects as I thought I did (or ones that didn't overlap letters anyways). So what is an Unboxing?

An Unboxing is exactly as it sounds. Opening a box, and revealing its contents. BOOM! Mind. Blown. I'm sure it's a term used for various purposes and products, but mine specifically pertains to gaming products. Predominantly board games.

So whenever I get a new game, I now make an Unboxing video. This allows others to get a small glimpse at what the game's contents are, the amount of which and quality. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, and there is only a really small niche, but I enjoy it. I'm trying really hard to cut on the length of my videos, but I can never tell so much time is passing!

Here is a sample Unboxing (of one of my newest, favorite games!):

If you love my beautiful hands, butchering of names, and have any interest in more, here's my current Unboxing Playlist!

Did you watch the Unboxing video? What did you think? Have you ever made one? Any tips on how to improve the videos?