A to Z 2016 : THE X-FILES

So, The X-Files... This has been one of my favorite television series forever. I used to watch it whenever it aired, and when I couldn't my grandma would record it for me. I still have the VHSs, but alas no VCR. That's okay, because now there's Netflix!

It was finally announced last year that a reboot of the series was in the works and better yet, as information began trickling out, most of the original, surviving actors would be reprising their roles. I was skeptical for a while, because it took so long for the second movie to come out, that I thought this was mostly just rumors.

Once things solidified and trailers released I was psyched. But I couldn't remember much of the final seasons of the series. Considering it had been so long, and the girlfriend had never seen it before, I decided that before watching the reboot we would watch the full original series. Soooooo... the reboot has already come and gone and we are only on Season 5. I mean, I'm excited because at the end of this season we get to watch the first movie. I love the first movie!

We won't talk about the second one...

So, even though I've been super excited about the X-Files reboot, I have a long wait ahead of me. I'm just hoping it's worth the wait. I've heard some mixed reviews, while avoiding any spoilers, which has forced me to set my expectations a bit lower than they were originally.

I'd say trust me when I say... I want to believe, but...

Did you watch the original X-Files series? If so, did you watch the entire series? Did you have a favorite season and/or episode (avoid spoilers please!)? Did you enjoy either of the two movies? Have you watched the reboot? If so, what were your opinions of it?