A to Z 2016 : YOUTUBE

And now for the obvious third connected A to Z entry, along with Unboxings and What's in the Box?!

I Just recently created the YouTube channel for The Cryton Chronicles, allowing me the opportunity to make and showcase the videos in the links above. I haven't really promoted it, though. I figured I'll do that once I produce more consistent content. Hopefully that will be soon. Beyond those playlists I would not only like to do board game reviews, but more personal videos that would more closely coincide with I, Jak.

Either way, I'm just excited to finally be making videos. I've had the webcam for a long time now. Unfortunately the webcam is a bit janky (despite being expensive) to where it refuses to auto-focus on objects that are close up. It really makes no sense, and may mean I need to find an alternative to doing my review/overview videos of board games, because not being able to accurately show the quality of a game's components isn't good. It's already a point of contention for the current video series I host.

Here's to hoping I can work out the kinks and churn out some more varied content!

Do you have a YouTube channel? What kind of videos do you post? What kind of equipment do you use to make the videos? Any tips and/or tricks to making better videos?