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After engaging some trivia questions related to The Mandela Effect, we explored the most commonly accepted culprit behind the phenomenon; our erroneous memories. For many, that explanation is the end all, be all. Especially when many of the cited examples are of very minor, almost insignificant details, such as word and logo/brand changes. An open and shut case. For others, it's just as much of a stretch blaming mass misremembrances on memory confabulation as it is to argue more otherworldly possibilities. And when it comes to those seemingly moot discrepancies, plenty believe that...

The Devil is in the Details

I'm not a religious person, and despite what you may discover in previous posts throughout the years that may seem to make that claim contradictory, I don't believe in any conventional God. I do, though, believe myself to be a very spiritual person and a lot of the time that all tends to blur together. I bring this up because this next theory touches on an area of expertise that I am very clearly not an expert of, by any means: The Holy Bible. I've only read select passages and Revelations (the only book I skipped to the ending!), and even then, I definitely never read them often enough to recite verbatim!

However, while I may not hold strong religious convictions, and be unfamiliar with the Holy Bible, others most certainly do and are. There are people who have read the Bible from cover to cover more times than they can count. People able to recall and recite a passage from memory upon request. People who grew up with the scriptures and Jesus in their hearts; learning the Holy Bible, teaching it. And these are some of the people who swear, with absolute certainty, that the Written Word of God has been changed and is currently under attack, by none other than Satan himself.

I should note, that for whatever reason, these changes seem to be specific to the King James Version. I know next to nothing about the different translations of the Bible available to the public, or why people prefer one over another, nor do I understand why this one would be directly targeted as is being claimed. Is it the most widespread, widely used Holy Bible translation for learning and teaching? Maybe you can fill me in if there is any significance with this specific version.

Below, I will list out some of the changes cited by those who have come across them, in trivia form (at least some of the simpler ones). Again, these are observations by people who are vastly more familiar with the source material than I am, some dedicating half their lives or more to their religious studies and teachings.

Fill in the Blank with these scriptures (don't worry, it's a lot of blanks but only one word), Mark 2:22 and Matthew 9:17 — And no man putteth new wine into old "____": else the new wine doth burst the "____", and the wine is spilled, and the "____" will be marred: but new wine must be put into new "____".

Neither do men put new wine into old "____": else the "____" break, and the wine runneth out, and the "____" perish: but they put new wine into new "____", and both are preserved.

Answer | Answer

In Isaiah 11:6, which animal will lie/lay/dwell with the lamb?

In Luke 17:34, who will be in bed together?

Can you recite the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)?

There are many more instances, but these are probably the most popular in which changes have been cataloged. Did you notice anything different? Again, many of these example are single word changes and/or omissions, but it has caused distress among some within the Christian community. Especially being some of them appear to directly change the meaning/context of the script. Many of these discrepancies are also credited to false memories. That these changes aren't really changes, but rather, how they've always been.

For example, with one of the questions above — Isaiah 11:6 — many people remember a lion and a lamb laying together, not a wolf and a lamb. This is one of the most popular arguments when it comes to the Holy Bible and The Mandela Effect. It's propped up by many peripheral/residue sources that seem to substantiate that this was, indeed, how the scripture read at one point for many.

But there are sound counter-arguments to that too, like a wolf being a lamb's natural predator and thus making more sense than a lion. Also, the supposed companion materials that dumb down and gut full scriptures for teaching and/or simplicity, which state the lion and the lamb, but cut the rest out. If these are prominent sources, it could go a long way to explaining why it's misquoted. Then there is the popular song "Peace in the Valley" written in the late 30's, which has been covered by some fairly prominent people over the years — Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Parton. The song includes the lyrics:

"Well the bear will be gentle
And the wolves will be tame
And the lion shall lay down by the lamb, oh yes
And the beasts from the wild
Shall be lit by a child
And I'll be changed, changed from this creature that I am, oh yes"

One could argue that the song (along with any of the multiple artistic depictions) was inspired directly from the scripture and proof of The Mandela Effect, but we'll get into more "proof" down the road...

The Devil Made Me Do It

Most people understand, in this day in age, that the Holy Bible is a fictitious piece of literature. Just kidding! Well, sort of, it all really depends on where you stand on the matter, but none of that is pertinent here. Just priming my passage straight to Hell for telling a joke in poor taste...

What is important is how so many people believe that it's quite literally Satan who is behind these changes in their reality. Changing the Word of God that they've come to know, love, and memorize. The slow unveiling of a great deception. The Devil's attempt to not only make believers doubt themselves and God, but to twist the words written within the Holy Bible, perverting their meaning. It's no secret that a war has been raging between the forces of Good and Evil, and many believe that the End of Times are upon us.


What I find both fascinating and ironic, is that there is a severe divide within the Christian community over The Mandela Effect. You have those who are experiencing the phenomenon attempting to warn and "wake up" those who may be unaware of the changes being made to the Bible, and those who are strictly under the belief that the Word of God is incorruptible and that those claiming changes have been made are Satanists and/or government shills (based on PsyOp theories) attempting to dissuade people from the Bible.

Those stating The Mandela Effect is nothing more than a hoax believe that God's word cannot be changed. Now, it has been retorted that even in the Holy Bible itself, it is stated that those who change the Written Word of God shall be punished, which lends to the belief that it can obviously be tampered with. That being said, I kind of already thought that it was common knowledge that the Bible has already been tampered with in various ways. It's already fairly polluted. I may be wrong. However, I agree with those attesting that the Word of God is incorruptible, not the writings of such. That it meant for his followers to keep his teachings in their hearts, so that it may remain pure. Or at least less susceptible to outside forces.

Whether religious or not, believing in a higher power or not, you have to admit that if Satan was a real entity and able to warp reality, growing stronger and strong as we approach the End Times, that this division, doubt, and animosity among God's children would be the exact outcome wanted. As if those aspects weren't already in abundance around the world. But it's easy to imagine an immortal being, becoming bored, and enjoying the subtle, sadistic manipulation of a religious body's cherished relic. Creating chaos within their ranks, allowing them to essentially destroy themselves from the inside out. In the end, turning them from and denouncing their Savior.

Or maybe I watch too many movies?

Hail to the King

I can't stress enough that, for whatever reason, many of these differences appear to affect only the King James Version of the Bible. Again, I've no real idea why, but seeking these changes out in other versions/translations/whatever may yield different results. I understand that makes it sound sketchy as Hell... But like some of the other changes noticed by those experiencing The Mandela Effect phenomenon, specifically those of corporate brands/logo, these are universally edited in all copies of the King James Version. All traces of previously remembered instances erased. We aren't talking about new editions being released with new, updated translations. Every copy, even one you've owned and had in your possession for decades, is now different.

I can't help but imagine The Mandela Effect being more frightening and horrific for a religious soul than the Average Joe, because of how much passion and conviction they place into their belief system. Something like this could, and has, shaken people of faith to their core. And instead of being met with compassion, understanding, and empathy, they are met with ridicule and hostility.

I can think of a certain supernatural being who would be quite pleased with that outcome...

But maybe there exists another entity or governing body vying for the right to play God, giving the Devil a run for his money...

PART FOUR: The Mandela Effect Quiz II

Are you religious? Do you believe in God and Satan? Did you discover any memory discrepancies in those cited scriptures? If so, which and what? Do you think these misremembrances are a result of false memories? Do you think Satan, if an existing entity, would be powerful enough to twist the Written Word of God? Why do you think these changes mainly exist in the King James Version of the Holy Bible? If real, why do you think these specific passages have been changed? What do you think the great deception will involve as we near the End Times?