Peanut butter. A staple of the American household and a spread I happen to love.

One of my favorite brands, however, seems to have never existed. Or rather, in the iteration that I remember. More so, I didn't even notice until being posited a question similar to the one I will ask below. Once answering the question and finding out a potential difference in branding, I had to double check in my cupboard to see what brand I was actually using. Many times I get my peanut butter supply from my grandmother and rarely have to buy it, but she uses a variety of peanut butters depending on their usage.

Sure enough, I was using the brand I named, but it wasn't quite the same. What I found bizarre was that until that moment I obviously had been oblivious to said change. Though, to be fair, had I been I would have merely shrugged it off as the company rebranding their product.

The question I asked in Part One of the Con[CERN]ing the Mandela Effect series was:

Try to name three popular peanut butter brands from your childhood (I know this may vary upon generation, sorry):
Answer | Answer | Answer

Now, the specific brand in question begins with the letter J, and I was hoping that despite there being many brands of peanut butter, that this particular one would be remembered among the top three. It is supposedly the leading brand of peanut butter in the Unites States after all.

Did you guess correctly? Or was the name of the peanut butter slightly changed?

Here is a video by YouTube content creator, ShineTheLight73 (also MoneyBags73), giving a small tribute to the peanut butter brand and how I (and many others — even some famous personalities) remember it:

Jiffy. That is the brand name that I recall. But it never existed in that form.

Most not experiencing the phenomenon claim that the masses are merely confusing the peanut butter with other products like Jiffy Pop popcorn and Jiffy baking mix. Not that we don't know the difference between popcorn and peanut butter, but rather that our minds, when thinking back, mix them up somehow. That or we combine it [Jif] with Skippy, another leading brand of peanut butter. That one seems a lot more plausible to me, but yet, I'm not sold on it.

Here is another video highlighting potential residual evidence for Jiffy by YouTube content creator, The Great Foogly Moogly:

I found that one very interesting, and as he states in the video, there are many more examples.

This was actually one of the bigger triggers of the Mandela Effect for me, at least outside of the entertainment spectrum (movies, music, books). It's hard for me to shake. Jiffy never existed. It also makes me question why I never noticed before being specifically asked about it. That may concern me more than the change itself. How much more has changed in this fashion, contrary to my memory, that I'm completely oblivious to? Probably a lot, unfortunately.

These forced Human Updates are legit. Just kidding. Sort of...

What's your favorite brand of peanut butter? Do you remember Jiffy or has it always been Jif? Or do you recall it being different from both of those? Do you think people are just misremembering the name wrong because of other products sharing a similar name? What do you think of the potential residual evidence provided?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?